Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New FAQs from GW including Dark Angels

As they did with the Chaos Space Marines codex, GW have been pretty quick in releasing an FAQ. Whilst this is a good thing, in the sense that at least people won't be stuck with units they aren't sure how to use, it frustrates me that they can't proof read a book properly when I'm spending £30 on it. Anyway, here's a summary of what's in there.

Dark Angels FAQ 1.0

  • Techmarines gain a boltgun to their wargear - won't affect much really
  • The plasma talon has been clarified as Rapid Fire which it was in the summary - stops the confusion
  • Belial and Azrael's wargear now match in both sections of the book
  • Relic banners thing is sorted in the ravenwing command squad - we all knew what it meant but nice that they made sure
  • Deathwing champions are one per army - not a big deal
  • Veterans can now all exchange their boltguns for other stuff - will make the unit pricey but at least you aren't restricted
  • Black Knight Huntmaster can now use the cool looking power maul on the sprue - although I'm not sure you'd bother.
  • Darkshroud doesn't have stealth but still has shrouded - again most rational people realised this was a typo but here ends the debate.
  • Wierdly, if you particularly wanted to you can now field Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus as a special character who loses Zealot in place of Litanies of the Dark Angels. Why exactly would you do that??

Finally, disappointingly, the only thing that gets changed on the flyers is the Missile Lock. I think we all knew that's all they'd do but a little bit of me died when I read it!

Nothing earthshattering here but good that they cleared up stuff that should never have made it into print. This is all well and good as long as you remember to check both the codex and FAQ whenever you're unsure about wargear. I reckon most people, like me, won't want to change it in their book in pen!!

Other FAQs
Again, nothing that significant but some good clarifications. Here's a quick run down.

  • Rulebook: For some reason rending isn't AP2 if you penetrate a vehicle. Bit of a shame, especially for my Black Knights
  • Rulebook: When shooting a unit you can now only kill models that are within range of at least one model from your unit. Makes sense but adds a bit more complication to the process.
  • Rulebook: If you get hit by the "You! You're the Traitor" bit of the Halluncination power from Telepathy you have to activate your force weapon and go for the insta-kill! This made my laugh and I'm sure it'll upset GK players.
  • BA/GK: stormravens can transport two different units. Great for sticking an assault squad in there with Mephiston.
  • CSM: the typo on the zombies rule is now correct and they play like you'd expect
  • CSM: the Heldrakes weapon is a turret! This makes no sense to me at all. It doesn't look like a turret and there's no need for it to be. Other vehicles have weapons that look like they could turn further but don't get more than 90 degree arcs e.g. DE ravagers. 
  • CSM: Abaddon can now join units with Marks which is what everyone thought anyway
  • Eldar: can't use psychic powers from within a transport which will severely gimp Fortune etc.
  • GK: bit of clarification about who can use what powers but interestingly Coteaz will lose Hammerhand when he swaps for rulebook powers but a Librarian won't?!
  • GK: Vindicare shots can't be avoided using Look Out Sir which makes sense.
  • Necrons: as in the digital versions, if the Night Scythe blows up its occupants walk on from reserve unscathed. I think this was totally necessary since the Necron book is too underpowered at the moment. /sarcasm
  • SW: more bad news for wolf scouts. Not only are they not allowed to assault from reserve but if you put a wolf guard with them they lose Behind Enemy Lines too!!
Nothing to write home about from any of the FAQs but it's encouraging to see that GW are addressing some of the issues that've been raised. There are still a few grey areas here and there but I think it's important for people to actually write to GW and question them so they are aware they exist.


  1. I think you missed something in the new Army Faq's that is more than a little important.

    Tau faq v 1.2:

    Q: If seeker missiles are fired at a zooming flyer or swooping flying monstrous creature, what to hit roll do they require?
    A: 6+

    This finally clarifies seeker missiles and flyers irrefutably, and is absolute rubish. The seeker missile is, fluff wise, the Tau's premier AA wpn platform (See skyray entry in the Tau Codex), and yet GW just made it the worst AA weapon in the entire game (other than wpns that can't even harm a flyer) having a 1/36th chance of actually hitting a zooming flyer (1/6 chance for markerlight hit, then 1/6 chance for seeker missile to hit when launched by said markerlight hit)..

    1. Saw it but didn't really think it was a big deal. Wrong from the perspective that fluff wise the skyray should be good anti-flyer but were ppl really taking them for this? They were already worse than normal as they were 6+ then 2+.

      Can't imagine it affecting many Tau players as they're probably using broadsides or twin missile crisis which are much more effective.

      A pair of broadsides have a 20% chance of blowing up an AV12 flyer. One broadside alone is better than a quad gun. In short as much as a skyray should be antiair we've got decent options so it's no big deal.

    2. If You are playing against CSM You may try using Seraphicus. He will efectively raise other models BS by +1. Also help against Gets Hot!
      Imagine devastators or veterans/command squad with plasmas rerolling to hit and to wound. (I know they would be extremely expensive, but they would be certain killers)
      BTW: Do any One of You know how his reroll would work with blast weapons?


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