Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Community Support: Fluffageddon! - Sept 5th 2015

Hi everyone, it's Matt here again. In the past I've only posted on here when reviewing a new codex, but this time it's for something much more exciting……..

Fluffageddon is my first 40K tournament that I will be running on Saturday the 5th of September at the Northwest Gaming Centre (same venue as Blog Wars 9).

As the name suggests the tournament is partly about the fluff (background of 40K and its armies and representing that on the table), but it's more about creating an event where everyone can come and hopefully have some enjoyable games of 40K with different people, well I suppose it's also about winning since it is a tournament….

Anyway, what makes this different?

But basically it's 3 different games of 40K in a competitive setting with certain restrictions to army lists and some slight modifications to rules.

The army limitations are intended to prevent the typical competitive lists from being present and instead should encourage people to think outside the box a bit and bring something a bit different and a bit more varied (maybe even a bit fluffy!).

There are loads of prizes on offer, some for coming top and some for coming top of the fluffy lists (seriously read the tournament pack). But there'll also be some mystery prizes that certain players will receive for round specific goals, revealed on the day.

I really hope people will give it a go and if it is a success I would like to make it a regular event that of course, it will get tweaked based on feedback I receive from people who have attended.

Alex - Please feel free to comment here with any queries and Matt will get back to you. Personally I'm looking forward to a tournament that encourages people to try something different and also one that I don't have to run myself!! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

New 7th Edition Codex Skitarii Review

Unfortunately I'm currently short on free time to review the new Codex Skitarii book. Suffice to say I'm excited to see GW introduce a "new" race. It opens up lots of exciting possiblities for other releases both within Ad Mech and perhaps even some more new races such as Genestealer Cults etc. The release schedule for GW is certainly crazy at the moment with Eldar coming in just a few days time. It's this relentless pace that has actually made me pause for breath and decide that I don't need to buy anything else for a while. With things changing so rapidly I'd hate to buy a new army only to find a new release a week later makes them pale into insignificance (like Skitarii are probably going to do to Harlequins).

Anyway, if you'd like to read a review of the Skitarii book then I suggest you head over to my good friend Jamie's blog called Codex Imperialis where he's reviewed the book. I'd love to say I'll post my own review at some point but I just don't see that happening any time soon and suffice to say something else will be out by that point. You can check out the first part of Jamie's review here before moving onto the second portion here.

I hope at some point I'll at least find time to digest the new book and decide what to do with it for Blog Wars. For now I'm happy to say the Skitarii Maniple can be your "Core" force and one of the formations can, of course, be your "Additional" force if you like. I'd love to see someone bring them to the tournament but I think that's probably optimistic given how little time you'd have to build and paint everything.

As I said in a previous post, I'm going to need to post about some Blog Wars stuff soon and update some of the stuff on the BW9 page too. Keep an eye out for that.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Complete 40K Collection!

In case you were wondering, I'm still alive. I'm not exactly sure why I haven't found time to blog recently. I'd love to say it's because I'm making huge leaps in my hobby progress but that sadly isn't true. Most of the problem was catching up with a couple of seasons of Walking Dead but anyway.

Over the bank holiday weekend I decided to take stock (literally) of my entire 40K collection. I wanted to rearrange the cupboard I keep everything in so I decided to empty the whole thing out and lay out everything I own on my gaming table.

I was pretty surprised that I struggled to fit the whole lot on the 6' x 4' surface and you can see that towards the end I was having to squeeze things in pretty tightly to make it all fit (the Tau were the last out of the cupboard so they're particularly crammed in). Anyway, having everything laid out like this made me realise two things. Firstly that whilst I've painted a decent chunk, there's still a depressingly large amount of black undercoat on display, particularly in the Ork and DE portions of the table. Secondly, there are quite a few bits that don't see use. My entire Dark Angels army for example. When the 6th edition book came out along with Dark Vengeance I was inspired to start and Angels of Redemption army but the way the codex was written made me fall out of love with the army pretty quickly. I want a bike heavy army to feel fast as it charges into combat. With the bolter banner the Ravenwing just become a mobile shooting platform. Couple that with the Darkshroud and they just don't feel like bikes should. Of course, there's nothing forcing you to take either the banner or the 'shroud but they feel like obvious choices. Finally, I think a Deathwing army will always struggle in these days of massed firepower so I'm unlikely to ever use them. I don't like to sell models I've painted but frankly they're just collecting dust.

I could say a similar thing about parts of my Dark Eldar army too. I can't see me using either Hellions of Wyches for a long time as they're frankly (and disappointingly) useless. Similar story for Wracks as well. I think parts of my DE army need to be boxed up in the hope that they'll come good again.

There are actually some things I'd like to add to the collection to make my armies more diverse. For starters, I'd love to add some more TWC to my Space Wolves including Harald. I'd also like some more drop pods (which I own but haven't built) to go along with some more dreadnoughts including Bjorn and Murderfang. The Orks could do with some meganobz plus the bikers I own but haven't built (and perhaps even some FW bikers too). My Dark Eldar could use a Voidraven, which I again own, (there's a trend here) another razorwing plus the kabalite warriors need sorting out to get rid of the now defunct trueborn.

That's quite a bit of work in itself. Fortunately my Tau are pretty complete (since I own pretty much everything in the book) and there's only a couple of things there that need painting. What's upsetting is that although my Space Wolves and Tau are "painted", I'm really not ready to call them finished. The Space Wolves need some work, some extra models for the Grey Hunters and Blood Claws. The Tau need tidying up and highlighting before adding some sept markings and transfers.

So then, the thrill of seeing my whole collection laid out together quickly gives way to feelings of remorse at their lack of completion. I mean, there are very few (if any) models that I'd be prepared to say were completely finished. Suffice to say I need to change this. I think the first thing is to get rid of the Dark Angels though. Once that's done I'll sit down and make a detailed plan of what needs doing and try to work through it piece by piece.

It's at this point I should say I'll be taking Orks to Blog Wars so they'll be getting my attention for the next couple of months. Upsettingly I've only got 7-8 weeks to get them up to scratch! Whilst we're on that subject I need to post about a couple of Blog Wars related issues that I need to discuss with you guys but that'll have to wait for another day.


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