Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Arjac Rockfist Conversion

For months I've been borrowing a picture of Arjac Rockfist from the interwebs and whilst it's an excellent paintjob, I've really wanted to get my own finished. Blog Wars 2 has given me the excuse to finally complete him. Now I don't pretend for one minute to be a genius with a paint brush but I'm certainly pleased with him. He's one of my best efforts I think.

The "conversion" itself is pretty straightforward. I use the quote marks because it's not really a conversion in the true sense of the word, more of a kitbash. Anyway, clearly I used the Wolf Guard Terminators kit for him and chopped the head off a thunder hammer for his "anvil". Again, no prizes for originality there! I gave him Logan Grimnar's company shoulder pad to represent him being his champion.

With regard to the paint job it's pretty simple too. The armour is basecoated with my usual 50:50 mix of Shadow Grey and Space Wolves Grey. It's then washed Badab Black and drybrush highlighted with more SWG. Anything that's going to be gold is then basecoated with Scorched Brown before Shining Gold and a Devlan Mud wash. The pelt didn't quite come out how I wanted but basically it's Deneb Stone with Skull White drybrushing washed with successively smaller coats of Badab Black. Everything else is pretty standard with Boltgun Metal washed with Badab Black for the metals and Skull White washed with Devlan Mud for the bones and teeth.

The cloak was originally going to be red but since this seems to be pretty standard for cloaks in the 40K universe I thought I'd be a bit different and go with Liche Purple with a Shining Gold border. I'm looking forward to unleashing him at Blog Wars 2 but sadly at the moment there's only going to be a dozen of us. I'm hoping more people come forward soon or I might have to start thinking about postponing/cancelling it. Please spread the word and fingers crossed eh?

Necrons Announced (by GW this time!)

Well despite us having seen them already the Necrons are officially here to Advance Order. Beasts of War may have "leaked" the images weeks ago but after GW made them remove the images from their sight they released a teaser video stating 28th Oct as the order date.

As with the Dark Eldar we've been waiting a long time for a new set of rules for the Necrons. I'm always happy to see another army being competitive again. With the exception of Tau I think most of the armies can put up a decent fight in 5th now and I eagerly anticipate the Tau codex and possible miniatures. I hope the Necron codex is good and that start to see them on the tournament scene as something other than "oh isn't it nice that someone brought Necrons even though they're crap".

Part of me is disappointed that they've been given transports like every other army in the game. There was something about a footslogging robot army that appealed. I hope they've lost the We'll Be Back stuff in favour of 5th friendly things like Feel No Pain. I've been deliberately ignoring any rules rumours as you can't guarantee  they're genuine. Having said that most of the DE stuff was right. I'll certainly be thumbing through the Necron codex when it lands. I'm hoping Matt will cave and buy them so that I don't have to!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Even More Blog Wars 2 Practice!

Having decided to return to the Space Wolves for Blog Wars 2 I needed more practice with the list I've come up with. Jamie (Index Astartes) was happy to oblige.

Game 1 (Scenario 1): Space Wolves vs Blood Angels
Jamie had put together a nasty 6 dreadnoughts BA list with a large death company and reclusiarch in a storm raven. I'd been wanting to see what a dread heavy list would be like so I was quite interested to see how I'd fair.

With drop pods hurtling down from the skies delivering various flavours of dreadnought I'd have to be pretty lucky with my shooting to take enough of them down. My two "death star" units namely Arjac with terminators and thunderlord with TWC would both have a good chance in combat with a dread thanks to S5 rending and S10 fists from the wolves and S10 hammer and S8 chainfist from the terminators. Unfortunately the wolf lord found himself charged by the death company and thanks to a combination of Furious Charge and re-rolls to hit and wound I simply had too many saving throws to take. The mighty thunderwolves were easily cut down.

No problem I thought, Arjac and the terminators should sort them out. My shooting killed off a handful of the death company and I was able to drag their storm raven and DC dread into combat as well. I had some attrocious saving rolls though and only Arjac and the chain fist were left standing. The chain fist fluffed his damage table rolls and could only rip a weapon from the storm raven and Arjac had a single save to make before he could strike at the dread. Sure enough he failed it and I was left with very little to harm Jamie's army.

The grey hunters put up a valiant resistance taking down 3 of the dreads and thinning out an assault squad but it was too late to make any difference.

Game 2 (Scenario 3) - Dark Eldar vs Imperial Fists
In order to mix things up a bit I decided to play the second game with my Dark Eldar. I'll post a full report of the game over on my DE blog Kabalite when I get chance.

Game 3 (Scenario 2) - Space Wolves vs White Scars
Another interesting match up (which I forgot to take pictures of!) against a predictably biker heavy white scars army. Jamie elected to keep his entire force in reserve and with a lot of troop units I'd have a lot of work to do. I positioned my forces in the centre of the board and waited to see where Jamie's outflanking bikers would emerge. The first squad to arrive came in within charge range of one of my Grey Hunter packs so they were pretty easily cut down for miminal losses on my part. The rhino full of tactical marines that came in behind them was blown up by the long fangs.

The tactical squad charged the Grey Hunter pack leading to a protracted combat where I couldn't seem to get enough of them killed to gain an edge. Elsewhere attack bikes arrived and I was unlucky not to kill both of them with krak missiles from the long fangs. On the other flank Kor'sarro Khan arrived with a larger biker squad. I elected to use one of my Grey Hunter packs to rapid fire them in the hopes of thinning them out for my terminators later on. Although I was lucky enough to kill a few of them thanks to poor rolling from Jamie, it left my grey hunters exposed. The librarian lined them up for the AP3 flamer power (I forget the name) and that combined with shooting from the rest of the bikers obliterated the squad.

The thunderwolves charged into combat with Khan and with me trying out Saga of the Warrior Born (instead of Bear) I lost my thunderlord to Khan's roll a 6 instant death in the second round of the combat. Luckily the wolves had done enough though and the power fist returned the favour to Khan. The terminators had spent several turns trying to get into range of the new arrivals and finally got to gun down some scouts.

With time fading fast we assessed the situation. One of the two uncontested quarters had seen the Khan combats but was now empty and the other had long fangs in who'd seen off a land speeder that threatended to kill them. In one of the other two quarters a single wolf guard with fist was up against the sergeant from the tactical squad who also had a fist. It would be a simple roll off to determine if one or both of them would survive. I fluffed both of my attacks and Jamie got one of his through leaving the quarter in White Scar control.

My only hopes for a draw were to either get my thunderwolves into Jamie's quarter and contest it or for the terminators to kill of a tactical squad and land speeder before the clock ran down. Unfortunately the game ended on turn 5 so we never got to find out.

The first game wasn't really a true test of the list as I'm unlikely to face a dread heavy list in a tournament (since it'd be useless in objective games with only one scoring unit). I should've left the death company alone once they'd killed the thunderwolves and used Arjac to aid the grey hunters in the centre of the board who'd got a pile of dreads to deal with. My attempts to stop the DC, DC dread and stormraven with a single charge were ambitious at best and I think I spread myself too thinly.

The other SW game highlighted the fact that my current list simply doesn't have enough troop units and lacks mobility. Faster armies would be able to pick and choose where they attacked and I'd be chasing them around for the entire game. It didn't help that I sacrificed one grey hunter pack to Khan's librarian unnecessarily!

I need to go back to the drawing board with the list and try and either gain some mobility or be able to stop my opponent more easily. There's a few problems though:

1. I like Arjac's unit as they are and the LR Redeemer is the best way to get them into the fight. Sadly it's a lot of points for a single unit at over 700pts!!
2. I totally love the thunderwolves models and I think they're scary to most opponents. It's a shame they're sooo expensive and a bit hit and miss.
3. Long Fangs are great but I find recently they've not been very effective. They're either out of range, can't see or simply fluff all their shots. The solution is to either take two squads of them or drop them entirely in favour of other anti-tank threats like wolf scouts or land speeders. Mind you they aren't what you'd call reliable either!

This is really my eternal problem when designing lists. I can see what I need to do to make the lists more competitive but at the same time I want to have fun using them. I could easily throw in more grey hunters and another long fang pack but I'd have to sacrifice the thunderwolves who I adore. I guess I'll have to decide whether it's more fun to actually win games than it is to see your opponents face when they get to charge!

Anyway, don't forget to buy your ticket and I'll see you at Blog Wars 2 in December!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Famous yet again!!

So there I am checking What's New Today on the GW website like I usually do of an evening and despite them not announcing Necrons yet (why bother when Beasts of War already did it?) there's still something interesting on there today.... That's right Matt and I are on the pictures from the 40K Doubles at Warhammer World just like in February! Slap bang in the middle of the first picture! Now either we're incredibly photogenic or they just think we're the right image they want to give off as their standard 40K players but either way I think I should start billing them for the amount they use my likeness!!

We're actually in the background on one of the other pictures lower down too! I think we'll have to go again next year just so GW have something to put on their website!!

Anyway, in the spirit of this I'm hoping to take some more pictures at Blog Wars 2 that will show the games in progress etc. Tickets are still available - click on the link on the right for more info!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... (playtesting the BW2 scenarios)

So Matt and I have just played through the Blog Wars 2 scenarios. We've played my Dark Eldar against his Blood Angels, a Grey Knight Draigowing and then his Blood Angels against my Space Wolves. We're pretty pleased with how the missions played out including the final mission which now seems to be reasonably balanced as far as we can tell. I'll do quick battle report of the three games before I talk about the decision I've got to make.

Game 1: Blood Angels vs Dark Eldar
Matt got first turn and promptly took out two raiders, immobilised the other two and then stunned both ravagers. I managed to bring down his stormraven but Lelith failed to wound Mephiston in combat (needing 6s is a bitch) and then eventually got chased from the board. His drop pod dread locked some witches in combat who managed to get some damage with haywires but never quite got the killer blow.

A combination of poisoned shooting and wrack assault brought Mephiston down to a single wound but not without losing both wrack squads (one ran off). Mephiston eventually killed himself with a dangerous terrain test though!! That was the only highlight in an eventual tabling where the sheer weight of fire and open toppedness meant I never really left my half of the board.

I should've reserved my entire army really and then any transports that came on could've blasted 24" and hoped the ravagers opened up a transport for them to assault the occupants in later turns. I spend too much effort trying to kill Mephiston for the 3 KPs and I was lucky that he died. Realistically Matt's list is probably the rock to my scissors but I played badly and poor luck didn't help. I'm pretty sure Matt would've taken the 8 TPs from this game (but we didn't sit and calculate it).

Game 2: Dark Eldar vs Grey Knights
Matt had a paladin blob, 2 psyflemans and a vindicare. He got the first turn again and learning my lesson from game 1 I reserved everything. I got the vast majority of my army in turn 2 and proceeded to take down one of his dreads. I opted to fire both venoms at the paladin blob but thanks to 2+ saves and FNP I only caused a single wound, should've shot the vindicare but you live and learn. Over the next few turns Matt killed two raiders, 2 ravagers and reduced one venom to a hull. One of the wych squads also fell to storm bolters and psycannons from the paladins. I killed off the vindicare with ease and the remaining dread over a couple of turns.

At the start of turn 5 I blasted my remaining vehicles into a position where I controlled 3 quarters and contested the one with the paladins in it. In turn 6 Matt would need to break off Draigo, the Librarian and the Techmarine in order to contest my quarters and force a draw, it would be nearly impossible for him to win. Luckily for me he rolled a 2 and there was no turn 6. This meant I'd got a health 3-0 victory but gave away a marginal VP win to him.

Game 3: Space Wolves vs Blood Angels
I finally won the roll off and got to be the attacker (we didn't do the TP thing cos we weren't using the same armies in the first 2 games). I'd put together a tasty SW list with Arjac as my compulsory Special Character. My first turn was disastrously poor with the lowlight being my long fangs missing with all 4 krak missiles. However, Matt had an equally poor turn 1 and I punished him for it in turn 2. His furioso had disembarked from the stormraven to kill my infiltrated scouts and a multi-melta shot from my land raider blew it up. The long fangs were luckier this time and blew up the storm raven and Arjac and friends killed his land raider meaning 570pts down the pan for Matt.

Arjac and co. were charged by assault marines but held out well killing all but the priest who ended up running. Mephiston killed my land raider but his other dread was bogged down in combat with some grey hunters with neither side able to end it. Arjac and co turned their attention to Mephiston managing to cause 3 wounds with plasma fire and then killing him off over two rounds of combat leaving Arjac standing alone. Over the next few turns Arjac killed a further assault squad (with librarian) after the thunderlord had softened them up. By the end of turn 6 I'd managed to table him to win the game. I'd have probably taken 8 TPs from that game.

The Big Decision
I really enjoyed the last game playing Space Wolves again and this has caused a problem. I'd prefer to take them to Blog Wars 2 now instead of my Dark Eldar. This is for 3 reasons. Firstly because I've still not found my feet with DE and with only a couple of months to go I feel like I need to do a lot of tweaking to get a list I like and I'm comfortable playing with. Secondly, there's A LOT of painting to do to get my DE up to scratch in time for BW2. I'm changing my list again which means I've wasted time painting wracks when I should've been painting other stuff. I want to do the models justice and not rush the paint job and that means I won't have them ready for BW2 by a long shot. Finally, From The Fang is a Space Wolves blog and although I've started Kabalite (see the link on the right) for DE I don't feel like I did SW justice at the first Blog Wars.

In writing this post I think I've made my mind up. I'm going to put all my effort into painting Arjac to be an impressive centerpiece for my army and take SW. It'll let me take my time painting DE for some future tournament (did someone say Blog Wars 3?) and get to a point where I'm winning more consistently with them. It's a shame because I really like the models, the playstyle and the fact that they aren't just another MEQ army but with moving house I just won't have the time.

Time to get cracking on Arjac and write a nice post about painting and converting him methinks. Blog Wars 2 tickets are available on the right. I look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blog Wars 2 Tickets Now Available!!

The time has come to get your tickets for the upcoming sequel to Blog Wars ..... Blog Wars 2: Battle of the Bloggers. Well I'm not winning any prizes for originality in the title of the tournament but hopefully the format will be an improvement on last time. As you can see there's a PayPal link on the right of the page where you can get tickets. I've made it so you can only buy one per transaction to make tracking players easier, please fill in your name and army in the notes box so that I know who's paid. Kind of difficult trying to piece together blog avatars and email addresses without it!! Tickets will be £15 again which is £7.50 for the food and £7.50 into the prize pot. Please let me know if you have any special dietary requirements so I can pass that onto the venue.

As I've mentioned in previous posts the format has changed in some ways but stayed the same in others. I want this to be bigger and better than the first one. I'm hoping the vast majority of people who came first time round will return and who knows they might even bring friends. Anyway, here's whats staying the same:

1. There's still a compulsory special character in your armies - this was something I was keen to maintain
2. It'll still be designed to be a friendlier, less competitive, alternative to the big tournaments
3. Most of the people there will be bloggers (hence the name) but it isn't essential
4. The money from tickets will still be put into the prize pot and not my pocket!

Here's what I'm improving over last time:

1. Gone are the standard rulebook missions in favour of some custom scenarios (which, let's face it, is a welcome change)
2. The scoring structure has changed to make it clear how convincing your victory was. Annihilating your opponent should be worth more than scraping a victory!
3. Name badges - the point of the tournament is for people to get to know each other
4. Better food - the venue now does it's own catering which, from the last tournament I went to, is better than last time
5. Proper event pack - I'll send these out to people who've bought tickets once I've had chance to compile them
6. Trophies and/or certificates - some of the winners *cough*Ven*cough* bitched that they wanted a certificate so I'll cobble something together
7. Prizes will be printed vouchers to avoid the "huddle round the till" scenario that occcured last time
8. Possible quiz/meal afterwards if people are up for it - details to follow

Right I hope people like the sound of it. If you've got any questions feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing you all again and hopefully meeting some new people too.

Spread the word!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Introducing...Kabalite (my second blog)

Whilst I may have only just started with From The Fang and Space Wolves I'm finding myself a bit tired of power armour. When I first got into the hobby back in the day I had Ultramarines as my main army and decided to get some Eldar too since I liked the look of the models. When I took up 40k again I did so with what remained of that Eldar army and added a few bits and pieces to bring it up to date. I have to say I've found Eldar pretty frustrating in 5th edition. They seem to struggle against the newer codexes and with a lot of anti-psychic around it's pretty easy to shut them down. Therefore I've been selling off my Eldar army (a unit at a time) on eBay. This helped fund my new project. Now since I'm never one to keep things to myself, you should all know by now that my new army is going to be Dark Eldar. 

The codex has been around for a few months now and I've had a good read of it. The same thing that attracted me to Eldar attracts me to their evil cousins. I love the models. When they first released pictures of the razorwing I knew I had to get one. I don't care how good they are and if ravagers are better, I need that model in my life. My armies at the moment (SW, Tau and Eldar) have a frustrating lack of flyers and these seem to be all the rage, i.e. vendettas and stormravens, so I'd like to jump on the bandwagon. 

I've been surprised at how few people seem to have taken to the new DE 'dex. Now whether this is because a lot of them used to have DE armies and got fed up of waiting for the new book and moved on I don't know. Regardless, it seems like they haven't been embraced like I thought they would. This is a shame as I'm getting pretty sick of power armour everywhere. Anyway, to cut a long story short I'm starting a DE army as we speak and decided that it was only right to blog about it. Therefore I present to you: Kabalite my Dark Eldar blog. I've not had chance to flesh it out very much but my plan is for it to become a useful resource of painting, tactics and modelling for DE players. 

The space marine blogosphere is pretty saturated at the moment so I'd like to fill the gap in the market with a DE blog. Whilst there are some great DE blogs out there they seem to have been pretty silent of late which is frustrating. Anyway, if you've got even a passing interest in collecting or fighting against DE then please head over to Kabalite now and take a look. 

I'll still be posting on here too but it all depends on how my painting and gaming goes. I thought about just posting some DE stuff up here but I decided that I'd prefer to keep things separate. For now I've not got anywhere near enough DE built up for a battle so I'll still be using my wolves for tournaments etc. I'd like to have my DE ready for Blog Wars II though.....

PS. Apologies to Sons of Sanguinius. I created the blog before I realised they had a member called Kabalite who was working on DE stuff and I quite like the name.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Revised Blog Wars 2 Scenarios

Blog Wars 2 tickets will be available by the end of this week!
Once Maelstrom get back to me with the food prices I'll get the link up and you guys can get signed up. As I mentioned in my previous post here, we're going to deviate away from the rulebook scenarios into ones which emphasise the Special Character theme of the tournament and should hopefully make for some fun and interesting games.

However, I wrote the scenarios without playtesting them (just like GW do!). Since then Matt and I have had a few games and got a chance to test all three scenarios out. Therefore I'd like to revise the scenarios again and see what people think.

Incidentally, I've found it to be quite a challenging process writing scenarios that are balanced and don't favour one army particularly whilst penalising another. Obviously, it's pretty inevitable that someone will lose out when you change anything but I think sometimes it can be clear that some will suffer with a particular game type.  As I mentioned before we've introduced Tournament Points (TPs) which will determine the winner of Blog Wars 2. They should help indicate how convincing a victory it was. For example, you could lose on objectives but decimate you're opponent. In our old system your VPs were only a secondary consideration and there were only points for win/lose/draw. Now there's degrees of victory so it should be obvious who came out on top. Now they're more important and so it really pays to hammer your opponent. This also goes some way to mitigate the problem of armies with a low unit count being difficult to beat in KP games. Potentially it's still possible to draw if someone kills a lot more of their opponent's army but loses on objectives. However, it isn't really that likely I don't think and probably indicates how close the game was. Anyway, onto the revised scenarios (text in red indicates changes to the missions).

Scenario 1 -  Halt the Advance
As the invaders make ground towards the defenders main settlements a force is sent out to intercept them and halt their advance. Their forward scouts report that an enemy commander is present in a force in this sector. If they can remove him from the equation the invasion will struggle to maintain its pace.

This mission is essentially an Annihilation battle played on Pitched Battle deployment from the normal rulebook but with the exception that each force's "Commander" (who will be a special character nominated by each general) is worth 3 KPs if they die. All other units (including any bodyguard) will be worth 1 KP each as normal. This could mean the difference between victory and defeat but you will still be rewarded for decimating your opponent's force. The secondary objective will be VPs with the tournament points broken down as follows:

5 TPs for having 5+ KPs more than your opponent
3 TPs for having 3-4 KPs more than your opponent
1 TP for having 1-2 KPs more than your opponent

5 TPs for having 1500+ VPs more than your opponent
3 TPs for having 1000-1499 VPs more than your opponent
1 TPs for having 500-999 VPs more than your opponent

I've changed the deployment to Pitched Battle because it makes for a nice simple start to the tournament to allow people to get into the swing of things. Also, I want to use the Spearhead deployment for scenario 2 for reasons I'll explain below. I think this scenario is pretty balanced as it is since it's barely any different from the rulebook mission. Clearly some Special Characters will be harder to kill than others but since the scenarios are here 2 months in advance I think people have chance to work out a way to keep them alive.

Scenario 2 - Push the Advantage
With the enemy commander slain, the invaders try to consolidate their position by eliminating their enemy from the entire sector. By doing so they can secure an area to base their final assault on the enemy's headquarters. The commanders of each force are determined not to let their opposite number get the upper hand.

This mission borrows from the Cleanse scenario from the 4th Edition rulebook. The deployment will be Spearhead from the current book. Instead of objectives the table is divided into quarters with a point for each quarter that is held by a scoring unit and contains no enemy units. In this mission the "Commander" (special character) on each side counts as a scoring unit. Otherwise it's the usual rules for scoring units from the 5th Ed book. The secondary objective will be VPs with the tournament points broken down as follows:

5 TPs for controlling all four table quarters
3 TPs for controlling 2 table quarters more than your opponent
1 TP for controlling 1 table quarter more than your opponent

5 TPs for having 1500+ VPs more than your opponent
3 TPs for having 1000-1499 VPs more than your opponent
1 TP for having 500-999 VPs more than your opponent

Therefore only by "Cleansing" the board of your opponent can you gain 5 TPs. Please note a single unit (no matter how large) can only ever control or contest a single quarter. In the event that a unit is spread across the border between two quarters they count as controlling/contesting the one which contains the majority of their models (or model in the case of a vehicle). 

I wanted to use Spearhead for this because it lends itself better and it means there will be a quarter each and two empty quarters at the start of the game rather than both sides starting with control of 2 each.

Scenario 3 - Final Assault
Having crushed the enemy resistance only one thing stands between the invader and total domination of the planet. The enemy's final stronghold will be defended to the last man by their supreme commander and his forces. However, buoyed by their previous triumphs, the invaders are confident of victory.

Coming into the final game the player of the two with the most TPs (or failing that VPs) will get to choose whether to be the attacker or defender.  

The "defender" chooses one long table edge and deploys anyway upto 12" from that edge but also 12" from the short edges (essentially pitched battle with the ends cut off). One objective is placed in the centre of this deployment zone with two further objectives on the edges of the zone, 6" in from the long board edge. An additional 2 objectives are placed at 18" away from the opposite board edge and 18" in from the short edges. The "attacker" can then deploy anywhere upto 12" from that edge. The "defender" may keep upto 3 units with the Deep Strike special rule in reserve (please note that models with a transport count as 2 units for this purpose). The "attacker" may only keep units in reserve that have the ability to Outflank and these may do so as normal.

The attacker always takes the first turn. The winner is the one controlling the most objectives at the end of the game. In this mission any objective held by a "Commander" (special character) at the end of the game counts for 2 points when deciding who's won.VPs are the secondary objective (but with less importance) with the tournament points broken down as follows:

5 TPs for controlling 3+ more objectives than your opponent
3 TPs for controlling 2 more objectives than your opponent
1 TP for controlling 1 more objective than your opponent

5 TPs for having 1500+ VPs more than your opponent
3 TPs for having 1000-1499 VPs more than your opponent
1 TP for having 500-999 VPs more than your opponent


As I said earlier these changes have come from Matt and I playtesting the missions. I didn't want to do 3 totally different missions that would be confusing and put people off but at the same time I'm bored of the rulebook missions at tournaments! That being said, if this all doesn't work out then for Blog Wars 3 (if there is one) I'll go back to the standard ones.

I accept that there'll still be some imperfections but hopefully the missions are now a bit fairer. We felt that in the original scenario 3 it was unreasonable for armies to be able see where there opponent had deployed and to get a first turn charge against vehicles that hadn't moved. This really penalised gunline armies because they rely on thinning out their opponent before they get too close. The attacker has the advantage of being able to see where his opponent has deployed (which makes sense from a fluff point of view) and then gets to go first. However, he will now be 24" away so only the faster armies will get those early charges. The defender has the advantage of controlling 3 objectives at the start of the game. Therefore it's really down to the attacker to make a push for them. Hopefully this balances the game and makes for a fun scenario. As I said it probably isn't perfect so if anyone can see something obvious I've forgotten then by all means let me know.

Again the idea is that people will have to really think about their lists rather than throwing together the same old generic tournament stuff. Now I'm not naive enough to think that we won't see any cookie cutter stuff but last time I was pleasantly surprised with how much effort people put in to their lists.

I'll give people a fortnight to raise any serious objections to these scenarios but after that they'll be set in stone and will be the scenarios used on the day. Everyone will receive a copy of the scenarios along with their ticket confirmation.


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