Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GW Battle Brothers Tournament Army List

Battle Brothers is the new name for GW's doubles events at Warhammer World in Nottingham. There used to be a couple of these a year but I think this year there'll be more like half a dozen of them!! I should point out that yet again Matt and I are on the cover of the bloody rules pack! Matt's the one in the red shirt on the front row looking like a special person.

Anyway, the old format was that you both took an even number of points each (e.g. 2x 750 or 875) to make one combined army. With the allies changes in 6th they've decided to do things a little differently. Rather than you both taking the same number of points they've now done it so you have 1500 pts and one FOC (+/- allies) between you to form an army. This leads to greater freedom in the lists you can take as you aren't worried about one army overspending if the other has underspent. However, for me it kind of defeats the point of it being a doubles tournament. Essentially, you can take a normal 1500pt tournament list and pretend it's a doubles list. You don't even have to take allies!

Regardless of my misgivings about the format we're actually taking something very similar to last time. The idea being to have fun playing our games rather than particularly worrying about winning! Here it is:

Titanic Fenrisians 1500pts
Grey Knights Primary Detachment

5 Purifiers (2 psycannon, 2 halberds)

3 x 3 Warrior Acolytes

Dreadknight (personal teleporter, heavy incinerator, greatsword)
Dreadknight (personal teleporter, heavy incinerator)

Space Wolf Allies
Wolf Priest (runic armour, Saga of the Hunter)

10 Grey Hunters (melta, plasma, standard, wulfen)
10 Grey Hunters (flamer, plasma, standard, wulfen), drop pod

3 Thunderwolves (storm shield, power fist)

It's a nice multiple deathstar list with no solid core and no hope of playing the mission! The acolytes will either hide behind scenery all game and get ignored or else die cheaply and quickly. Either way they're only there to give us a few troops without spending much so we can afford fun stuff! The most obvious weakness of this list is anti-air, in that we don't have any! Having said that, last year we took a very similar list and managed to kill 4 stormravens in a game!

Essentially by the end of turn 2 most of our army will be in their deployment zone. The dreadknights teleport forward and incinerate stuff, the drop pod slams in and tried to alpha something whilst the thunderwolves and purifiers leg it up the field quickly hoping our enemies are distracted enough. Meanwhile the sneaky little wolf priest outflanks his squad in the direction of an objective or else something juicy.

It's hardly foolproof but it will certainly be fun to play. It's full of hit and miss units but when they hit, they really hit hard. If we come up against a "rock" to our "scissors" then we're screwed but hopefully most of the time we'll meet "paper".

Anyway, hopefully I'll see a few of you guys there and meet some new people too. Despite me saying nearly every time that I'm not gonna go to one again these events are always fun and even though they're expensive I find myself buying tickets!


  1. Tough list, hope we don't have to face off against you guys this weekend.

  2. Certainly an 'in your face' what are your plans for dealing with flyers? Or are you just planning on ignoring them?


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