Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New FAQs on the GW Website

Most people will have probably seen them by now but yesterday GW posted some new FAQs for the current collection of codices. It might be coincidence but it seems that they always release them the week before I go to one of their doubles events. Anyway, as usual here's a rundown of the most significant changes. Nothing too exciting except for the Tau thing at the bottom.

Stats can be modified to 0 except Initiative which can't go below 1. Wounds from blast markers need to be kept separate as they're capable of hitting models that the firer can't see. Makes sense I suppose as a high explosive round could still hit those guys round the corner of the building with shrapnel.

Split fire can't be used to blow up a vehicle for the rest of the squad to fire on the occupants. Pretty obvious I'd have thought since units have to fire their weapons simultaneously. Allied models can be hit by psychic powers/blasts by accident i.e. if it scatters.

You've got to move around friendly models, which I thought everyone did anyway? Swarms are clarified so that blast weapons that would cause instant death don't remove two bases per wounding hit. Everything else is either pretty minor or pretty obvious. However, interestingly you don't need to destroy a fortification to table someone. Not that it'll make much difference but worth remembering.

Chaos Daemons
Nothing major just wording on the chariots taken by heralds making them Dedicated Transports. Big thing for Daemon players is that the flamer chariot hasn't been fixed!

Chaos Space Marines
Abaddon can't be turned into a spawn or daemon prince by rolling on the Boon table. Otherwise nothing of note.

Dark Angels
Quite a few interesting changes here. Courage of the Lion only affects friendly DA units which is hardly surprising. Stasis anomaly (and vast one too) can only reduce initiative/WS to a minimum of 1. Asmodai has found a bolt pistol but he's still not worth having.

Ravenwing Command Squads can now take two extra black knights to bring them upto a squad of 5. Makes them a bit more survivable but I was getting used to just 3 models and I'm not sure it helps them that much. Standard of Devastation definitely affects bolters on bikers too. Sadly they haven't FAQ'd RW grenade launchers though.

Sadly for Deathwing you can't have more than half of your army in reserve. Kinda shits on pure DW builds but it's in line with other armies.

Dark Eldar
Reavers now use the final position of the unit for wound allocation with their bladevanes. Pretty big change as you can now get at those juicy models your opponent thought were safe at the back. Brings them in line with screamers.

They've also FAQ'd Lelith's rules so that only her CC weapons ignore armour saves. Presumably people were sticking here on a quad gun and trying to claim it for those shots. Sigh.

Mind War allows cover saves and look out sir rolls which is frankly stupid but I'm not even sure why they're FAQing when Eldar are getting updated soon.

Imperial Guard
Camo cloaks now add +1 to cover saves. Seems to imply therefore that if they get Stealth & Shrouded they could effectively have permanent 3+ cover saves unless I'm reading it wrong.

Imotekh can now hit zooming flyers and swooping flying MCs with his lightning strike thingy.

Space Marines
Models arriving from a drop pod count as arriving from reserve for the purposes of targeting them with models/weapons with the Interceptor rule.

The most significant change of everything comes in the Tau book. The new FAQ states that crisis suits can now take weapons as either twin-linked or two separate weapons. This is a huge thing as it means twice the number of shots instead of giving them twin-linked. Expect to see plenty of suits with dual missile pod or missile pod & twin-linked missile pod then!

Might not sound like much but it has significant implications when considering suit builds. I'll cover it all in more depth in a full post about equipping and using crisis suits.

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  1. Another change to Dark Angels is that you can't use Power Field Generator inside a vehicle. Before they have a very nice mech army and an indestructible Land Raider. Now they have the same that everyone.

    And it's irritating that Ravenwing Command Squads can take two extra black knights and not three, when they sell kits of three black knights


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