Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog Wars 5 Update - Returned Tickets Released for Sale

The latest tournament in the Blog Wars series will be on June 22nd in Stockport. Details can be found over on the Blog Wars 5 page but for those who don't know it's three 1,850pt games played over the course of the day. Armies must include a special character but otherwise there are no restrictions. The tournament was originally started as an inter-blogger event but now welcomes anyone who wants to come along. The previous 4 events have been friendly affairs with a great atmosphere and I expect the 5th to be no different.

So why am I telling you all this, the event is sold out right? Well I've actually had a few returned tickets. I've offered these to the reserves but after a week I haven't heard back from them. Therefore I'll put these tickets back up for sale as of now. They're still £15 and there's going to be great prize support. If you'd like one please send £15 to at PayPal and drop me an email to the same address to confirm your details etc.

New Prizes for Blog Wars 5
Aside from the return of the spot prizes and raffle prizes, which ran alongside the tournament prizes at BW4, I'm also going to be offering "I want 5th edition back" prizes. These will be spot prizes themed around things that you could've done in 5th but now can't. For example, one of the prizes will be for failing a charge of less than 6" across open ground. Obviously in 5th this would've been a guaranteed combat but as we all know from bitter experience that isn't how it works in 6th!

The prizes will be themed around this as well. Don't worry I'm not giving you my old 5th edition rulebook! I guarantee they'll more than compensate those of you who don't like change!! They'll run alongside the spot prizes which I'm renaming as "booby prizes" as they'll all be awarded when things go wrong. This way they'll take some of the pain away from losing a unit or failing to kill an enemy one.

Remember, thanks in part to the venue change there's a huge prize pot for Blog Wars 5. Assuming we get £40 people attending we'll have a prize pot of £375 even after I've given out the usual tournament and painting prizes! Even though I can't win anything I'm still excited by that!!

Giantkiller Bonus
For anyone who hasn't been to a previous event they've all be won by the same person. No offence to Andy but I'm getting bored of handing him prizes. Now, I've yet to have confirmation from Mr. Humphris but hopefully he'll still be attending Blog Wars after the venue change. Assuming he does I'll be offering a Giantkiller Bonus to anyone who manages to win a game against him. Hopefully that'll work as encouragement for people to wipe the smug smile from his face! Credit has to go to Aaron Shrive for this idea.

Right that's it for now. There'll be more updates as the event draws closer. For now, good luck to anyone who's trying to get their army ready for BW5. You've only got 9 weeks!!

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