Saturday, August 02, 2014

Even More Stuff on eBay!

Just another quick plug for the continuing clear out of my surplus 40K stuff. Most of this stuff comes from Stormclaw again but there's also stuff from other random kits. Here's what's on offer this week:
  • 5th Edition Rulebook (small format)
  • Ork Nobz (new on sprue)
  • 2 lots of Ork Gretchin (new on sprue)
  • 10 Ork Boyz with Nob (new on sprue)
  • 10 man Space Wolves Pack (Grey Hunters/Blood Claws/Wolf Guard) (new on sprue)
  • 5 Wolf Guard Terminators (new on sprue)
You can find them all here. Thanks for looking and happy bidding! There'll be even more stuff going up over the coming weeks to it's worth keeping an eye on my eBay page!

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