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7th Edition 40K - New Grey Knight Codex Review - Troops

With only two options and no special characters to talk about this is going to be a pretty short post. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy it...

Strike Squad
Basically these are space marines with mastery level 1, the ability to Deep Strike and all start with an AP3 Force sword. They are 20 points per model and actually for the cost are not that bad. Their problem is that they are not Relentless and so can't utilise the special weapons effectively but more than that they are only 5 points cheaper than Purifiers which are 23 times better plus 7th doesn't care about Troops as much. Also terminators are a better troops choice…

Terminator Squad 
These are only 13 points more per model than Strike Squad models and are twice as durable against small arms fire and infinitely more durable against AP3 or better weapons when not in cover. Plus they have 2 attacks rather than the 1 that Strike Squad guys have and of course they are Relentless so can move and fire the Psilencer and Psycannon to full effect and then assault. It is also worth remembering that Grey Knight terminators carry both frag and krak grenades unlike regular space marine termies and so can still strike at full initiative with their Nemesis weapons when charging through terrain. In fact I would say that their only downside when compared to a Strike Squad is the fact that they cost more and the special weapons also cost more (by 5 points each), but also they can't sweeping advance which is a fairly big deal sometimes, but in no way off sets all the positives.

In conclusion don’t bother with strikes, load up on termies (by that I mean fill your 1 minimum troop selection with a 5 man terminator squad!)

As Matt says, in 7th edition Troops aren't as relevant as they once were. In the Wolves book you'd probably want some of them anyway but here I think there are better units to spend the points on. Of course, this assumes you're using the GK-specific detachment so Objective Secured isn't an issue.

The next post will cover the Elites section of the book and I have a fair idea which unit will shine there!


  1. I like the review so far, it's close to what we are used from you Alex and that is definitly a good thing! ;-)
    What would help a bit with the review though, at least in my opinion, is if you could give some load-out suggestions, i.e. ideal unit size, weapon swaps.

    What is of note is the price drop for the GK Terminators. With 33 points they are the cheapest Terminators out there. Deathwing Terminators are 1/3 more expensive and have to pay a tax to become troops as well. So IMO the Grey Knights are the go to army if you want to field a bunch of Terminators.


  2. I would like to hear more about Matt's opinion on troops in 7th.

    In some spheres of the hobby people rave on on about Objective secured, but yet in any of my games it's never made a difference.

  3. I agree about objective secured, but chaos terminators are cheaper. And terminator special weapons are more expensive as they keep the force weapon.

  4. Do you think it is one hammer per 5 termies now or two?

    1. I think 1 is gonna be a lot more common now tbh. It's easy enough to get up to S7 with Halberds and Hammerhand now, plus Justicars can get meltabombs, so Hammers are a lot less important for helping out against (most) vehicles and a lot of MCs. It just depends how much AP2 you think you'll need in combat for the most part.

  5. Sw terminators are the same points as a gk terminator so there on par.

  6. any idea yet for a shooty very cheap gk army list?

  7. I've seen a lot of people saying that the points difference between PA and TDA for the Special Weapons is because of Relentless, but I'm pretty sure it's actually because the PA dudes trade in both their Storm Bolter and their NFW, while the Termies just trade in their Storm Bolter.

    For smaller Units in particular, this can make a pretty big difference when they do make it into Combat.

  8. Personally I think that objective secured is a really big deal. Me and Alex recently played a game where his troop transport vehicles (with objective secured) stole vital objectives right at the end of the game. The problem with grey knights is that I really don;t want to spend all my armies points on terminators and therefore I will always run the nemesis strike force detachment for the one compulsory troop. I don't like losing objective secured as I then have to rely on completely destroying everything near an objective to claim it.

    This post is really short as the troops section just doesn't interest me as much. The strike squads are really not very good, especially if they don't have objective secured, purifiers really are loads better for the points and terminators for me are still too expensive to warrant running loads of them in the current meta of high volume fire power, too many times I've suffered a handful of wounds and then gone on to roll a load of ones. Don't get me wrong though I still love running a squad of these guys, but always minimum 5 man with psycannon, 1 hammer and halberds. If I were to run more terminator armour it would probably be paladins, although I almost talk myself out of that in the elites section...

    And westrider I agree that getting the special weapon and keeping the NFW is definitely part of the reason for increased cost along with having relentless, I just forgot to mention that as yet another reason to take termies over strikes!

  9. You can take inquisition with warrior acyoltes there an easy way to make gk shooty


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