Thursday, September 12, 2013

Battle Brothers Army Painting Competition Sept 2013 (pic heavy)

I'll start with the overall winners and then look at some notable mentions. You might recognise the winners from our final battle report. Darren and Jeff had the right combination. Some eye-catching Orks that drew the eye, some stunning Tau to keep you looking and then you notice just how beautiful the Orks were too. Their objective markers were fantastic (who knows why they didn't enter them on the Saturday). I was sickened to hear that the camouflage pattern on the Tau models was all done free hand with a brush and no masking tape! Seriously that kind of painting skill shouldn't be allowed!!

Here's the best of the rest then. No offence to anyone involved but the standard has visibly dropped from previous years. Obviously every single entry was far above what I could achieve with my meagre skills but we're been treated to some stunning armies at other events and the decision has been much more difficult. I'd probably attribute this to GW's policy of running more events per year, charging more for them and insisting on a ridiculous tournament system (more tomorrow).

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