Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Blog Wars 2 List & Mission Updates

Since you've all submitted your lists to me for Blog Wars 2 I thought it was only fair that I posted mine up. Think of it as "I'll show you mine cos you've shown me yours" kinda thing! I toyed with a lot of different ideas and this is probably about version 12 of this list. I'm still tempted to change a few things but I think I should just stick with what I've got now! Here goes:

1,749pts of Space Wolves
Rune Priest w/ Chooser (Murderous Hurricane & Jaws)
Wolf Lord w/ Thunderwolf mount, wolf claw, runic armour, storm shield and Saga of the Bear

3 Wolf Guard (one Arjac Rockfist and 2x CM/PF)

3x 8 Grey Hunters (melta, standard, wulfen) - 2 in rhinos and 1 in drop pod

Thunderwolf cavalry (storm shield, power fist, melta bombs)
Land Speeder Tornado (HF/MM)

2x 5 Long Fangs (4xMLs each)

So no big surprises really. I think Arjac makes a great special character since he's pretty cheap as space marine characters go. He gets eternal warrior and is 2+/3++ but with only 2 wounds. The real joy is that he can't be targetted separately as he counts as a Wolf Guard Pack Leader. In my practice games I've been pretty expert at failing his invulnerable saves though!

I originally had Arjac in a squad of WG terminators mounted up in a LR Redeemer. Whilst I liked the idea of them piling out into combat with something nice and early on I found that in practice games I was too keen to get them into combat and hence often died cheaply. The other issue was that with combi-weapons I really wanted to be shooting stuff but often held back as I didn't want to risk missing the charge. I also found that Arjac was having to take too many saves in such a small squad which isn't good for any initiative 1 model. In general I just found them a little underwhelming. I therefore decided to swap the terminators and the land raider for a pack of TWC. Now, think what you will of TWC but frankly I just love the models I've got. They either have an amazing game or they succumb to heavy weapons fire but either way people find them intimidating.

There's a part of me that thinks I should swap the land speeder for a pack of Wolf Scouts to come on and upset heavy weapons teams etc but I think I'd just end up losing them cheaply. Realistically I don't expect to do particularly well but it's a fun list to play and I love how it looks on the table.

Mission Changes
In response to the discussion in this post I'm making some minor changes to the final mission. Instead of there being restrictions on how many units people can Deep Strike or Outflank I've decided that it'd be better to say that only units with these rules can be in reseve for either army. I don't want to limit people too much because I think it gets too complicated but it should mean that very few (if any) armies will be able to keep everything in reserve.

I'll email a new copy of the scenarios out to everyone this evening so that no-one is left in the dark but I'll also remind everyone of the change on the day.


  1. Since Im there for the England ETC practise weekend, I MAY get a chance to participate instead, is it on the saturday? Depends how many people want to playtest against me. One problem I personaly have though is, the point of the weekend for me is to practise my ETC list, so playing in a special char tourney doesnt really fulfil the point of the weekend for me. Ill ask around see if anyone else can :)

  2. One of the people that said they might make it has got back to me and confirmed so I'm all good now.

    Thanks for the offer though mate. I'll edit the post above so I don't end up with an odd number again!!

  3. Nice looking list- can't believe both me and Siph will miss it- 6th will be fighting for the pride of weemen!

    I hope BW2 is as successful as BW1- and will hopefully see you at BW3

  4. I'm pretty happy with the list. It could be a lot more competitive but then it wouldn't be as fun to play!

    Shame you guys can't make it mate. BW3 should be in June/July next year and might even be a weekender.

  5. oh man a weekender would be sick, go for it :) if you do that i promise to get my GK's ready for then!


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