Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Look at Who's Coming to Blog Wars 2

As it stands at the moment we've got 19 people attending Blog Wars 2. I'd ideally like an even number so that means now's the time to get that last spot. In the mean time let's have a look at the people who've bought tickets so far.

Firstly, yours truly, just like in the previous BW if there aren't even numbers on the day then I won't play so that there's no dodgy situation where people get a by or whatever. Suffice to say I'm playing Space Wolves but a slightly different list to last time around. There'll be a further 3 SW armies at BW2 from John Holland (MC Tic Tac) and Bradimus Prime who used to write for the Space Wolves Blog and also David Symcox from the 40KUK podcast. I briefly met the 40KUK guys at the End Times and I'm looking forward to hopefully playing against them.

We've got a flood of other marine armies too with my mate Dave bringing Blood Angels to his first ever tournament, David Cameron (a friend of Weemen - not the PM) also with BA and finally Paul O'Boyle from Faulty Dice. Surprisingly we only have one confirmed Grey Knights player at the moment in James Lamb (Sheep of War)although Steve Henderson (a friend of Sons) brought GK last time so may do the same again. We've got the obligatory few Imperial Guard armies from Jon Morrison (Faulty Dice), David Clark (Commisar Dave) and Andy Pattison (Atriedes - Sons).

As far as the xenos go we've got a decent mix. There's a couple of Tyranid armies from Chris Benstead (Weemen) and Graham (Grazer - C&F/Rogue Trader). There's an Ork horde from Andy Lane (C&F) and Matt's bitter rival Frank Marsh will be bringing his ever brilliant Eldar army proving there's life in the older codexes yet.

Finally, and most topically, we've got potentially 3 different Necron armies from Matt, Gary from 40KUK and last year's winner Andy (Ven - Sons). I'll be interested to see the list these guys have put together. I've had good play at writing some lists and there's certainly a lot of flavour to the special characters.

The good news is we've almost managed a 50:50 mix of Imperium and Xenos. Should make for some interesting games I reckon. I'm hoping I get drawn against one of the Necron armies but I mainly just want to do better than my poor showing of 23rd out of 26 last time! Having a look at round at some of the blogs involved and there's some interesting armies such as Commisar Dave's and some interesting lists too.

I'm a bit disappointed that there aren't more people coming along but I think it's probably a bit too close to Christmas for a lot of people and I hope if there's a BW3 then we'll see an increase in numbers again. Mind you there's still a few days left to get your ticket so who knows!

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