Friday, December 02, 2011

Special Characters at Blog Wars 2 (Tomorrow!)

As you should all know by now Blog Wars 2 is tomorrow so I thought I'd give a run-down of the (compulsory) special characters that will be making an appearance on the day.

Now that everyone has confirmed their army choices I can reveal that the most dominant army at BW2 will be the Blood Angels. Surprisingly only 2 out of the 5 have gone for the Lord of Death himself, Mephiston. He'll be joined by a couple of Commander Dantes and a Sanguinor. All the BA lists are pretty varied. There'll be land raiders, jump packers and storm ravens left right and centre! I think Dante will be a pretty good choice at this tournament as when coupled with an honour guard he'll be hard to target and his curse will weaken an opposing SC.

My beloved Space Wolves will not be the only Sons of Russ at Blog Wars 2 as Arjac Rockfist is joined by a couple of Njal Stormcallers and the Great Wolf himself, Logan Grimnar. As a space wolves player myself I'd love to see one of us lift the trophy (well, certificate) but it would only add to Matt's whinging about them being overpowered!

Rather miraculously there's only a single Grey Knights army at BW2 led by Kaldor Draigo (with a vindicare as a second SC). Since the book was released there's been a huge GK presence in UK tournaments and razorbacks-a-plenty but BW2 will be different. Let's see if Greylamb from Sheep of War can prove that they don't need the numbers to be triumphant.

The "un-loved by GW" Space Marines the Dark Angels and Black Templars will be represented by Belial and Marshall Helbrecht respectively. I'm pleased to see these guys will be coming along as it's good to see an older codex get an airing and show they can still cut it with all the shiny toys of the newer books.

The Imperial Guard will be a strong presence at the tournament with 2 regular IG armies including Knight Commander Pask and Captain Al'rahem. Atriedes from SoS will be bringing a slightly different guard flavour with his Elysian drop troops. Finally a special mention to Jon Morrison from Faulty Dice who has more special characters than anyone else in his IG army with Castellan Creed, Sergeant Kell, Bastonne, Pask and everyone's favourite Guardsman Marbo! 

Moving onto the xenos scum who find themselves heavily outnumbered with just 6 against the 16 imperial armies. The Dark Eldar will be led by Duke Sliscus with his love of drugs and poison! Eldrad and Yriel will be in Frank Marsh's craftworld Eldar force. Ghazghkull Thraka will of course be leading a massive mob of orks. The hive fleets of Tyranids will be hammering people in combat led by the Swarmlord and the Doom of Malantai!

Rumours of a strong Necron presence appear to have been greatly exaggerated with Matt bottling it and returning to his beloved Blood Angels. Just like at the first Blog Wars it falls to Venerable from SoS to represent for the new codex with his army featuring Anrakyr the Traveller.

Phew, that's quite a list! After the weekend I'll do my best to get pictures of all the special characters up here so you can see them in their finery. To those of you coming along I look forward to throwing some dice with you and to those who can't make it I hope I'll see you at Blog Wars 3.....


  1. awesome variation again. some match-ups i really, really don't want though!

    incidentally, shall i count my company commander as my SC for missions where it matters or do i just leave it alone? (yeah yeah, me causing problems again ;)

  2. Just need to print my list off when I get home from work, but for those interested here's what I'm taking:

    Njal Stormcaller = 245

    9 Wolf scouts, Melta Gun = 145
    4 Wolf Guard, 4 Power Fists, 4 Combi Meltas = 172

    9 Grey Hunters, Melta Gun = 140
    Rhino = 35
    9 Grey Hunters, Melta Gun = 140
    Rhino = 35
    8 Grey Hunters, Melta Gun = 125
    Rhino = 35
    5 Grey Hunters, Flamer = 75
    Razorback, Twin Linker Heavy Bolters =40

    Fast Attack:
    Land Speeder, Multi Melta, Heavy flamer =70
    Land Speeder, Multi Melta, Heavy flamer =70

    Heavy Support (No surprises):
    6 Long fangs, 5 Missile Launchers = 140
    6 Long fangs, 5 Missile Launchers = 140
    6 Long fangs, 5 Missile Launchers = 140

    Total: 1,747

  3. Oh and I have a crazy ass IG list I might bring to test for the Caledonian Uprising in January if any of the ETC guys fancy a go vs some madness!

    See you all tomorrow!!

  4. I do have two named special characters in my Army list, which is Yarrick and Pask.

    Sorry just thought I would mention it as you may have missed it, but he is there and will be making an apperance.

    Plus I can't wait. I am that dedicated to this that I am setting off around 4am in the morning, just to make sure I am there on time.

  5. Hoo Raa I'm the only one using Logan! There's only room for one big dog anyway ;)

    There is a nice mix of army I'm really looking forward to this event, see you all tomorrow.

  6. Feel a little dirty plumping for the easy choice of Mephiston but meh I couldn't be arsed to change my list on a few days notice.

    Good look on the morrow fellas


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