Thursday, November 03, 2011

Blog Wars 2 - A Month To Go!!

So Blog Wars 2 is only a month away and to be honest I'm a bit dissapointed with the response. As it stands at the moment there's only a dozen people who've signed up. Last time around I'd sold twice as many tickets.  Now I know there's a few who'd talked about coming but I've not heard from them since.

The question is, what should I do? If in a couple of weeks time there's been little more interest should I just refund everyone and try again in the Summer? Should I run it anyway with just a handful of us? In which case would it be easier just to show up and play a few games rather than having a formal tournament?

I was amazed at the success of the first Blog Wars and perhaps I was naive in assuming that we'd get even more people this time around. I think the problem is that it's probably too close to Christmas. As far as I can tell there aren't any other 40K tournaments that weekend so it isn't that. 

Anyway, I'll leave it up to those of you who've bought tickets. Would you rather I refunded you and called it off or are you happy for it to go ahead with less people and therefore smaller prizes? If you're one of those people that were wanting to come but haven't bought tickets could you get in touch and let me know why so that I can figure out what's gone wrong.


  1. I'm frustrated that I can't make it! I'd love to come along and see fellow bloggers pound me into the ground with their 40K armies...

    plus, £15 for a 3 game 1750pt day of gaming is a pretty good deal... especially when there is a prize pot!

  2. I'm not fussed either way, it's never been about the prizes, the fame, or the women for me :p

    Just good games against people I wouldn't normally play against.

  3. I'm looking forward to it (I have been working on my list/army in advance this time) and its a shame more haven't signed up.

    I know the other Wee-dudes want to come but they have prior commitments. I'm not fussed if you want to postpone it a few months - if it means you can get more attendees.

    How many people would you want paid up to not cancel/postpone it?

  4. Thanks for the support guys. Sorry for being so negative about it. I'm just disappointed cos I'm looking forward to it.

    @the 6th degree: there isn't really a set number I'd want in order to run it but 20 would mean we could run the prize pot as planned.

  5. Hi y'all

    I came across this blog a few weeks back and now plan to come to blog wars, just waiting on my 2 mates to decide If they want to come or not and I'll purchase the tickets tomorrow.

  6. Put me down for this, although techincally I'm not associated with a blog at the minute.

  7. I've got one more for blog wars, possibly a couple more as well from the new club we've just set up...
    On a seperate note, Brad, you not rolling with adam these days? You looking for a place to blog??

  8. No mate the Space Wolf blog is closing down in a few weeks, Adam has shown his true colours and turfed everyone out on the street in a nut shell so at this time I' a free agent.

  9. P.S I reckon I can muster up two chums who would love to come along. Technically they do blog but haven't really done much with them lately. :)

  10. I do still plan to try and attend, but I'm having to wait on whether a couple of other things are going to go ahead to ensure I can get that weekend free, so haven't bought a ticket yet. Should hopefully know by the end of next week. I'd definitely like to head up no matter what as its a great fun day.

    Shocking to hear about the Space Wolves blog, and you getting turfed out Brad, just wonder what's gone on to cause it.

  11. I've just bought my ticket, and I'm pretty sure my mate is buying one in the next couple of days so that's 2 more at least! :)

  12. @ Brad.

    I just logged into blogger and SW was gone on my screen leaving only my old blog.

    Guess I'm free too :(

    Better change that entrance list there then FTF guys.

  13. um, ever one to capitalise on an opportunity...would Bradimus or MC TicTac like a new home?
    The Sons are always looking for new talent, which both of you are for sure.
    If so, get in touch at
    I'm Andy IRL btw.

    @FTF - sorry to derail the thread...I'll bring 3 more people as penance... ;)

  14. Thanks for the comments guys. I've updated the BW2 page to show the recent ticket sales.

    @Brad I've put you down, don't worry about the lack of blog, doesn't matter to me. Same with your mates, they're very welcome.

    @Ven cheers for trying to get some more people along, not a problem poaching people from my comments!!

    @bG be good if you could make it mate. Let me know if anything changes

    @greylamb what army are you bringing mate?

    @MC Tic Tac I've adjusted your entries on the list

    @Brad & MC If you don't fancy writing for the Sons then get in touch with me because at the moment I'm running this blog on my own and good do with the help!


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