Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Few Spots for Blog Wars 2!

I've had a great response over the last week or so and Blog Wars 2 is back on track. I've reduced it down to 20 spaces but if there's more interest then it's easy to extend that again. Hopefully I'll get a few more in the next few days. At the end of next week I'll be sending out the rules packs and then I'll want army lists by the end of 26th November. Should give me enough time to read through them and get back to people with any queries. I'll post my list up at the same time so we're all on the same playing field.

Matt, Jamie, Dave and I are gonna have a mini Blog Wars 2 in a week or so and play through all three missions doing the scoring to see who comes out on top. It'll be the last chance I have to polish up my Space Wolves list and make sure I don't wanna do any last minute tweaks. I'm pretty pleased with it in it's current incarnation but it's easy to flatter yourself that it's a good list when you're doing well with it. I know full well that in my first game at the actual tournament I'll have some appauling luck or come up against something that I'm just not equipped to deal with.

Seems like we're going to be treated to 4 different Necron armies so I'm looking forward to seeing them in action. There aren't as many GK players as I thought and less Imperial Guard lists too. Should be a good variety of people and plenty of interesting matchups. As I say there's still time to get your tickets and those of you who've expressed an interest and not bought one yet should do so as soon as you can. In order to let the venue know about catering I'll have to remove the ticket link a couple of weeks before the event which means only a week and a half left to get your order in. Hope to see you there!


  1. I have a mate who i am pretty sure is coming, will let you know asap.

    testing my terrible foot guard list tonight, should be amusing!

  2. Hi, just to let you know I'll be bringing my Grey Knights to the Tournament :)

  3. @Atreides bear in mind he's only got a week or so to grab a ticket

    @Greylam I've update the page accordingly. Was wondering where all those GK armies were!


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