Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Arjac Rockfist Conversion

For months I've been borrowing a picture of Arjac Rockfist from the interwebs and whilst it's an excellent paintjob, I've really wanted to get my own finished. Blog Wars 2 has given me the excuse to finally complete him. Now I don't pretend for one minute to be a genius with a paint brush but I'm certainly pleased with him. He's one of my best efforts I think.

The "conversion" itself is pretty straightforward. I use the quote marks because it's not really a conversion in the true sense of the word, more of a kitbash. Anyway, clearly I used the Wolf Guard Terminators kit for him and chopped the head off a thunder hammer for his "anvil". Again, no prizes for originality there! I gave him Logan Grimnar's company shoulder pad to represent him being his champion.

With regard to the paint job it's pretty simple too. The armour is basecoated with my usual 50:50 mix of Shadow Grey and Space Wolves Grey. It's then washed Badab Black and drybrush highlighted with more SWG. Anything that's going to be gold is then basecoated with Scorched Brown before Shining Gold and a Devlan Mud wash. The pelt didn't quite come out how I wanted but basically it's Deneb Stone with Skull White drybrushing washed with successively smaller coats of Badab Black. Everything else is pretty standard with Boltgun Metal washed with Badab Black for the metals and Skull White washed with Devlan Mud for the bones and teeth.

The cloak was originally going to be red but since this seems to be pretty standard for cloaks in the 40K universe I thought I'd be a bit different and go with Liche Purple with a Shining Gold border. I'm looking forward to unleashing him at Blog Wars 2 but sadly at the moment there's only going to be a dozen of us. I'm hoping more people come forward soon or I might have to start thinking about postponing/cancelling it. Please spread the word and fingers crossed eh?


  1. Very nice mate! I've just done an Arjac as well! Must be something in the air.....!

    Unfortunately i won''t be able to make it to BW2 either! I'm attending Bristol Vanguards 'Spoils of War' the weekend before, so can't afford to do both! A little part of me wants it to be poosponed so i can attend later!!

  2. very nice mini and conversion :D


    what is this blog wars tournement and where is it held :)

  3. @gungrave you'll just have to come to BW3 instead!

    @fuzz blog wars is a friendly tournament I run in Mansfield, UK. There's more details on the BW2 page (just click on the links at the top and in the right - not visible on the mobile version)


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