Sunday, October 09, 2011

Introducing...Kabalite (my second blog)

Whilst I may have only just started with From The Fang and Space Wolves I'm finding myself a bit tired of power armour. When I first got into the hobby back in the day I had Ultramarines as my main army and decided to get some Eldar too since I liked the look of the models. When I took up 40k again I did so with what remained of that Eldar army and added a few bits and pieces to bring it up to date. I have to say I've found Eldar pretty frustrating in 5th edition. They seem to struggle against the newer codexes and with a lot of anti-psychic around it's pretty easy to shut them down. Therefore I've been selling off my Eldar army (a unit at a time) on eBay. This helped fund my new project. Now since I'm never one to keep things to myself, you should all know by now that my new army is going to be Dark Eldar. 

The codex has been around for a few months now and I've had a good read of it. The same thing that attracted me to Eldar attracts me to their evil cousins. I love the models. When they first released pictures of the razorwing I knew I had to get one. I don't care how good they are and if ravagers are better, I need that model in my life. My armies at the moment (SW, Tau and Eldar) have a frustrating lack of flyers and these seem to be all the rage, i.e. vendettas and stormravens, so I'd like to jump on the bandwagon. 

I've been surprised at how few people seem to have taken to the new DE 'dex. Now whether this is because a lot of them used to have DE armies and got fed up of waiting for the new book and moved on I don't know. Regardless, it seems like they haven't been embraced like I thought they would. This is a shame as I'm getting pretty sick of power armour everywhere. Anyway, to cut a long story short I'm starting a DE army as we speak and decided that it was only right to blog about it. Therefore I present to you: Kabalite my Dark Eldar blog. I've not had chance to flesh it out very much but my plan is for it to become a useful resource of painting, tactics and modelling for DE players. 

The space marine blogosphere is pretty saturated at the moment so I'd like to fill the gap in the market with a DE blog. Whilst there are some great DE blogs out there they seem to have been pretty silent of late which is frustrating. Anyway, if you've got even a passing interest in collecting or fighting against DE then please head over to Kabalite now and take a look. 

I'll still be posting on here too but it all depends on how my painting and gaming goes. I thought about just posting some DE stuff up here but I decided that I'd prefer to keep things separate. For now I've not got anywhere near enough DE built up for a battle so I'll still be using my wolves for tournaments etc. I'd like to have my DE ready for Blog Wars II though.....

PS. Apologies to Sons of Sanguinius. I created the blog before I realised they had a member called Kabalite who was working on DE stuff and I quite like the name.


  1. Yeah, i tried doing the 'double blog' thing when i started my Elysian army.

    The truth is, it was a royal pain in the ass to manage 2 blogs at the same time. After a few months i moved all the content over to the main blog.

    Good luck with it though - look forward to seing your DE minis!

  2. Well my problem was that this site didn't really lend itself to talking about Dark Eldar.

    I didn't want people to come here looking for SW stuff only to find the last 40 posts were about DE!

    Just gonna see how it goes and maybe have a rethink if it doesn't work running two.

  3. Good luck with the new blog, Alex!

    I understand the need to seperate out different content to a different blog - I've just set up new blog 'Rogue Trader' to talk about my Squats codex development and general expanded universe interest rather than discuss it on C&G - which is a dedicated Space Wolves blog.

    Hope it goes well mate!


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