Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Famous yet again!!

So there I am checking What's New Today on the GW website like I usually do of an evening and despite them not announcing Necrons yet (why bother when Beasts of War already did it?) there's still something interesting on there today.... That's right Matt and I are on the pictures from the 40K Doubles at Warhammer World just like in February! Slap bang in the middle of the first picture! Now either we're incredibly photogenic or they just think we're the right image they want to give off as their standard 40K players but either way I think I should start billing them for the amount they use my likeness!!

We're actually in the background on one of the other pictures lower down too! I think we'll have to go again next year just so GW have something to put on their website!!

Anyway, in the spirit of this I'm hoping to take some more pictures at Blog Wars 2 that will show the games in progress etc. Tickets are still available - click on the link on the right for more info!


  1. I notice Darren is also present again, It's like playing a game of where's Wally though.

  2. what do you think of new increased price for feb's tourny? 90quid is taking the piss ever so slightly do you not think?

  3. @fudal the most interesting thing is that Darren isn't wearing his standard "tournament shirt" on the second picture!!

    @phil to be honest I thought £87 this year was pushing it. Add in the hotel and it's basically £90 each! It's a good weekend but the main problem this time around was the retarded scenarios. I'll probably cave and go again in Feb but it depends on cashflow!

  4. it is really good fun. ive enjoyed every single one so far, and will be trying my best to get a ticket to go again.

    i just hope this time that they give the missions more thought. if they are trying to make it one sided they should offer more reward for pulling off the impossible?!


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