Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thunderwolves Part 3: Assembly Experiences

As I mentioned last night I've assembled all 15 models now. Once they'd been cleaned up they were pretty easy to clean up and glue together. The fenrisian wolves are on the whole in pretty good condition. It's clear the manufacturer has filled some of the bad bubbles in already as there's darker portions. There's no way you'll see them once they're painted though. There'll be some minor filling to do but nothing drastic. I've found resin to be very brittle compared to the plastic. Perhaps my blade wasn't very sharp but it seemed to break away rather than be cut away. There's only a couple of the wolves that are duplicates which is good. You can guarantee if they were GW models there'd only be 3 varieties and they'd be sold in awkward numbers. It almost seems a shame to base them because the bases somehow don't look right. I think with a bit of scenery on them they'll be fine.

The thunderwolves weren't as easy. There were some large bubbles of resin behind the knees of the riders but they were easily removed with a combination of knifepoint and pointy file. Some of the feet will need filing/sanding down before putting them onto their bases but I'm planning on making the bases fairly scenic so it should be easy to hide any slight inperfections. I can tell that I'm going to have to rebase some of my existing army to match because these bases will get far more attention than my others have. The legs glued in nicely and for the most part they're a good strong fit.

The areas where bubbles have left gaps in the resin are only small and it won't take much green stuff to sort them out. I really could do with a sculpting tool but I'm sure I can fashion something from sprue or similar. They're already looking impressive. The bionic limbs/eyes are a nice touch and help to make the models look unique. I really hope I can do them justice with my painting.

I'm thinking of keeping the cavalry models in a grey colour and the lord I'm aiming for something like this but I know I'm not that good a painter so we'll see what I can manage. I wish I'd got a proper backpack for my lord, you know the one with two wolf heads on it but I've used one already on a rune priest. I might swap the rune priest's out for a standard one and give it to the lord though. There isn't much room on the legs for the "dangly bits" on the space wolf torsos. I'm probably going to trim and bits off e.g. the wolf tails so that the torsos are still wolfy. I'd really love some sort of cloak for my lord so I might try and fashion one out of my space wolf guard terminator cloke but we'll see how successful that is. 

Might be a couple of days before I make any more progress though since I've got my parents over tonight. I'll try and get the filling done once they're gone so I can undercoat tomorrow and make a start on painting them. I'm going to paint the wolves separately before I base them or put the torsos on. Overall I'm really pleased with the models so far they're going to look great on the table top even with my mediocre painting skills! Stay tuned!

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