Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coming Soon From The Fang

Whilst other blogs may have already listed out their plans for 2011 when the year was still new, I'm going to be fashionably late and write my post 11 days in! From the start back in late August I've always had a massive list of posts that I wanted to write and it seems that I'll never get to the end of it because I add far more to the list than I tick off.

I started the blog to chronicle the battles between my group of friends but it's grown a little since then. I never really expected anyone else to read it but I'm glad people do. Therefore I want to move away from so many battle reports and get some more useful content on here. Don't worry I'll still report on the battles we play but perhaps not in such painstaking detail.

As I've said before I'm trying to flesh out my army and attempting to get it all painted up to a decent standard. To this end I've built up everything that I've got and ordered the last few bits that I need. I still need to get another rhino/razorback kit but otherwise I think I'm pretty much there.

My most recent order was the Thunderwolves which should hopefully appear this week. Once they arrive I'll put some shots of the unpacking process so that people can see what they're getting from Mythicast. I'll then show the stages of assembly and painting. I'll do a post about TWC tactics too and then a nice battle report from their first engagement.

I've also got to finish off the rest of my army so I'll throw in some articles about painting various units as a log of my progress. Continuing my focus on special characters I'll write up those SC lists as promised weeks ago and talk about my Arjac conversion and the assembly and painting of Canis. I've also got a squadron of bikes to "wolf up" and paint and I'll discuss my proposed tactics for them. I'll put in an article of my opinions on equipment for various squads in particular long fangs.

Finally I'll continue my Know Thy Enemy series and theme my posts that week around the enemy I'm discussing. I'll try and make it a set day for each post so people can keep track better. 

The next post will be a review of the first Space Wolves omnibus from the Black Library which I'll probably finish reading tonight.

I hope there's some stuff in there that people will find interesting. If anyone has anything they want me to write about feel free to comment. I hope people are still reading this time next year! My aim is to keep this blog about making 40K interesting and diverse. I'll try and include more pictures of my own army instead of stealing GW's or someone else's. I'll also make sure it stays a mathammer free zone!

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