Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"New" Space Wolves Models at GW

OK so they're far from new but the way GW talked about them you'd think they were! Dunno if anyone else reads "What's New Today" on GW's website but I couldn't help but notice the other day that they're re-released some of the old space marine models. Along with the old school Marneus Calgar (pre-antilochus armour) they've also brought back power armoured Njal and Bjorn the Fell Handed.

I can't say I'm particularly fond of either model myself since Njal is very two dimensional and Bjorn is a massive heavy lump of metal and I'm used to nice light plastic now! I remember having an old metal ultramarines dread and it wasn't exactly fun to assemble and it weighed a ton! Oh and by the way he's a whopping £36.00! Nice to see the model back because it's how I first knew Bjorn to look but seriously, when you get a stack of spare wolf bits to convert a standard dread with, you'd be mad to fork out £36 for the real thing. If you are suitably mad the model is re-released on 22nd of January so get your pre-order in now! I urge you to consider the forge world Space Wolf dread first though! Makes me want to do something about my dread's close combat arm to make it look more like a claw though.

Let's hope they still get round to doing a second wave of Space Wolf models but since they seem content with the old ones I can't see it happening myself. Would be nice to see a proper Ragnar, Ulrik and some plastic fen wolves & thunderwolves though.


  1. I have one of the old Bjern models - it's huge and ... well.... not pretty. I didn't pay for it, so I can feel ok about having it.

  2. Well I got PA Najal on Ebay for £3 and Bjorn for swapping a few SM bikers.

    Pity the fool who pay those prices!!


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