Sunday, January 02, 2011

Review - KR Multicase

When we were planning our trip to Freebootaz I realised that I'd got no way of transporting my models to the venue (as normally Matt comes to me). I'd been looking at getting a figure case for a long time and very much liked the look of the KR cases. Whilst Battlefoam's wide range of trays appealed to me I couldn't justify the expense. Battlefoam's website is a little slicker than KR's but the products are comparable.

Originally I'd thought about getting a box with just a few troop trays in it. These are around £22 with a discount if you buy several cases. However, the custom trays caught my eye and I liked the idea of having my entire army in a couple of cases without the need for extra boxes for tanks, dreads, etc. Whilst the aluminium and fabric cases appealed I was trying to keep costs down. I therefore plumped for the standard cardboard case and selected trays to accommodate a land raider, 3 rhinos, a vindicator and 50+ troops. With the custom trays the price rises to £28 but when you consider there's a few hundred pounds worth of models in there then it isn't too much. This would give more than enough space to get about half of my total army in. I'd need another case for the rest which would have similar compartments.

I ordered it on the Monday hoping that it'd arrive before the tournament on the Sunday. To my surprise it had appeared by Wednesday despite postage being included in the price. Since the website is a little clunky it can be difficult to figure out what sizes you need. To help they offer scale drawings of the trays and if you're really stuck you can always email them a list of your models and they'll help you decide what trays to buy. I cheated a little since Matt already has a basic troops case so I knew the size I needed. Incidentally for my troops I've found that F4 is just about perfect. Normal marines will apparently fit in N3 but since our Wolves are a little chunkier with their CC weapons the space is handy.

As you can see from the photo the vehicles fit in snugly. The trays allow for an array of different vehicles. When we went to Warhammer World I removed the vindi and put my dread and land speeder in it's slot. Basically out of my 3000pt army the only things I couldn't fit were the terminators and the other land raider!

In case you're wondering I've had no problems with the card at all. It's pretty durable and provided you don't get it soaked it's fairly water resistant. Overall I'm very impressed with my KR case and I intend to order a second when funds permit.

PS. There's a far more thorough review of KR here.


  1. Thanks for the review. In the US, it's pretty much Sabol or nothing... there's another company but hard as heck to get a hold of and costly, too.

  2. They ship free to the US as well and mine crossed the Atlantic to my door within 7 days. I love this case, and fit my entire 3k point SW army in it.

  3. Equally, you can varnish the card and it will never get wet even in light showers. Coat of yacht varnish should do it.


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