Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blog Wars X Painting Competition - Best Painted Hero (pic heavy)

The final category in the BWX Painting Competition was Best Hero (formerly Special Character). There were as many entries in this section as in the other two combined. I think this is a good way of allowing people to showcase their skills in painting a single miniature rather than it being lost in a full army. This was a much closer competition too with just a single vote separating first and second. Who knows what would've happened if the full 49 players had voted?!

Incidentally, these figures were displayed on the prize table so you can see what was on offer! Plenty of new Tau stuff, Execution Force and a F.A.T mat. I wonder why people like Blog Wars....

Runners Up
Luke Capper (Swarmlord), Ian King (1st Edition Librarian), Dave Halfpenny (Tigurius), Tom Capper (Corbulo), Will Pomfrey (Sgt. Garadon), Alex Martin (Maugan Ra) and James Winsor (Vulkan He'stan) all get a mention here for their fine entries. All of which are well ahead of anything I've produced! Hopefully I can enter something at Fluffageddon if Matt has a suitable category for me. Just missing out on the top 3 were Rob Hill (Lemartes) and Matthew Grimes (Ahriman).

Third Place
I'm pretty sure Chris Benstead has won Best Character with his Abaddon at some point in BW history but nevertheless it still catches peoples' eyes. With good reason too as it's a great centrepiece for his stunning Iron Warriors force (if technically in the wrong Legion....).

Second Place
Tess Yoxall rather controversially entered his Eldrad Ulthran who wasn't actually his Hero for BW purposes. He had cleared it with me in advance though and I've had allowed anyone else who asked to do the same. It isn't that serious an even follks! Anyway, I think you'll agree it's a stunning piece and was only pipped for first place by a single vote!

Rounding out a clean sweep for the "Friends of Dave Weston" crew, Ben Houghton's Ghazghkull (from an equally stunning Ork army) was a well deserved winner. Let's all bask in the Beast of Armageddon's glory:


  1. Ben's never won a painting award before so I think that's the happiest he's ever been. He works really hard on his armies so I'm glad it's finally been recognised.

  2. I'm absolutely chuffed to have nearly got third! I thought all the models were absolutely beautiful and didn't fancy my chances at all. I definitely enjoyed this as a painting event as I can definitely produce better work on a single model than an entire army. Awesome job Alex, lots of deserving peoples here!

  3. Thanks Alex I was made up I sneaked the best painted character award . Which I think was helped by the fact Dave never entered and of course everyone could only enter one competition . Like you said in an earlier post liams sp is absolutely brilliant . I try my best but most of the time Dave Otty and Liams armies all clean up at most events they are all excellent painters . Can I just say Ghaz owed me this award as his performance in the three games was shocking he got cleaved in two by a stompa game 1 shot by an eldar wraith guard with dsythe game 2 and killed by a marine with plasma pistol game 3 he may have to go into retirement with my necrons.

  4. After scoping out the fab Conversions and the AWESOME Nids for best army, this was the only category I thought I'd even have a chance with ;) Great format to showcase single minis. And a great day, I'll say it again. Thanks Alex


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