Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Updating My Blogroll - Suggestions Welcome

Whilst replying to some comments on a recent post I noticed that a lot of the my "Recommended Reading" blogs hadn't been active for a few months. I've therefore deleted some of the inactive ones but it'd be good to replace them with new and interesting blogs. I'm particularly interested in hobby related blogs as I often flick through them for inspiration. I'll also be adding some of these blogs to my Feedly account to keep me enterained when I'm stuck in an airport or whatever.

I tend to end up heading down a rabbit hole sometimes with blogs as you see an interesting article in the blogroll of a blog you read and then spot another article whilst reading that. By the time you surface a few hours have passed but you can't remember the names of the blogs you read and I'm too lazy to figure it out from my browser history.

Right, I'll keep it short for a change. Please leave comments with any suggestions of blogs you regularly read or even your own blog. Anything I like the look of with regular posts I'll add to my blog roll.


  1. Hey mate. Would love to see the blog I contribute to added. We post almost daily. Check us out.

  2. I'd love to have my blog added.


    A brilliant tyranid and hobby blog...

    Demons, pretty good blog.

    40k, forgeworld, and nerdy railings, fun blog.

    Really good painting blog, wish I could afford to pay him to paint my armies!

    Hope those help, they, alongside faeit 212 are my regular hobby fix...


    Our spanish blog, you can find army lists, rumours, painted armies, news, debates...

  5. I'll offer a few of my favorites as suggestions, alongside my own: (mine)

    All of these post about daily.

  6. Love to be added.

  7. Feel free to remove my Rogue Trader blog - I haven't posted anything for months and I'm unlikely to keep it up.



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