Friday, July 26, 2013

Blog Wars 6 Tickets on Sale Now!

Right folks, the time has come to put the tickets up for Blog Wars 6. The event takes place on Saturday 2nd November 2013 at the North West Gaming Centre, Stockport, UK. All of the details for the event can be found by clicking on the big logo on the right of the blog. The scenarios are provisional for now and may change slightly. Everything else should be staying the same but here's a quick reminder of what is involved:

  • 3 friendly games at 1,850pts with 2.5 hours per game
  • Each army MUST include a special character
  • Forge World units are not allowed
  • Allies are permitted using the rulebook chart
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Last (Wooden Spoon) as well as Best Painted Army and Best Painted Special Character
  • Spot prizes throughout the day
  • Raffle prizes after awards ceremony (entry included in ticket)
  • Everybody welcome - the event started as an inter-blogger event but I've always allowed anyone to attend

Tickets will remain at the bargain price of £15 each. However, as I've had problems with people speculatively buying a ticket and then deciding whether or not to attend, only £10 of the ticket price will be refunded if you have to cancel for any reason. If you drop out after the army list submission deadline (2 weeks prior to the event) then you will not be eligible for any refund at all. Please consider all this when buying a ticket!

For those wanting multiple tickets please contact me using the link on the right. If you've any other queries don't hesitate to contact me. There are 99 days remaining before the event so you've got plenty of time to get your armies looking their best!


  1. Yeah, here we go again.
    Just got my ticket and am really looking forward to BW6!
    Zee yu zhere folkz! ;-)

    Hendrik the happy German

  2. Hi Alex & everyone!

    I've just paid for my ticket for BW6. I'll either be using my Squat Guard (no Vultures this time around, you'll be glad to know) or, more likely, my Tyranids. The hive-mind is restless...

    Thanks as always to Alex for his organisation!

    Graham S.


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