Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Additions to the Blog Roll

Here's a quick run down of the blogs I've added to my "Recommended Reading" section on the right. I'll try and keep an eye on them and make sure they're all active. These have been added from the comments on yesterday's post. I've not had chance to flick through them in too much detail yet but wanted to get them out there for everyone to enjoy. Oh and come back tomorrow for the first of a series of articles about how I'm trying to make Blog Wars 6 the best it can be.

40K Hobby Blog
Some beautifully painted miniatures on display here and the author is also working on some stuff for the Nova Foundation which is a cause well worth supporting. He's got a warhound titan on his painting table at the moment too.

40K Warzone
An Australian blog who do some awesome commission painting work. There are also tactical guides a few of the 40K armies that I'll be checking out when I've got more time.

Confessions of a 40K Addict
I've come across this blog before in one of my browsing sessions but never bookmarked until now. There are some excellent STC (building templates) as well as some excellent downloads alongside a steady supply of blog posts. He also recently attended the Battle Brothers one dayer at WHW and came second but we all know they let anyone do well at that thing!!

40K Daemons
I'll give you three guesses what this blog is about. Even if you aren't a Daemons player I'd recommend checking them out as it's always a good idea to know your enemy (speaking of which I intend to restart my series and update it for 6th edition).

Immaterium Press
Seemingly a tournament orientated post (which people seem to refer to FTF as too) , the author has also been taking a look at the X-Wing game that I've been sorely tempted to get into.

Den of Imagination
A Polish blog who also do commission painting. In fact your might recognise the Dark Angels as the army used to win the painting competition at Blog Wars. Rest assured that I'll be trying to encourage people to only enter the comp at Blog Wars 6 if they painted it themselves. Still some awesome work on display here.

La Taberna De Laurana (Laurana's Tavern)
As you might imagine this is a Spanish blog so for most of us it'll require Google to translate it for us to enjoy. They cover a lot of rumours and the name rings a bell from the Tau rumours as I believe they were one of the sites with a leak. Still, worth checking out.

Table Top Addicts
Seems like there's a lot of this addiction thing going around. I don't know what they're talking about, I can quit at any time, really I can! Seems like a relatively new blog but already plenty of content on there. Again it seems like they attend plenty of tournaments so worth checking out.

Some beautifully painted armies with well written background fluff. Always nice to see and a nice easy site to browse.

How To Lose at 40K
Regular readers will know I don't have any problems with that. Anyway, there are some great hobby "How To" articles here and some rule discussion that I'll be looking at as you all know it's something I'm keen on.
Some great articles about airbrushing, something I'm always tempted by but never get around to investing in. Anyway, there are some great posts here and they also have a lot of videos if you have the time to watch them.

Facing the Grey Tide
Finally another relatively new blog with a good deal of content already. Some great conversion articles including some about adding lights to models. I'll definitely be coming back to this one.

Right, that's all for now. I'll be adding all of these to the blog roll and hopefully their authors will return the favour. Apologies if I've missed the point with any of these but as I say I haven't had chance to browse them thoroughly.


  1. Cheers for the add mate! -40k Warzone

  2. Thanks for the add, and the list of new distract...I mean reading material.

  3. Alex if you're curious about X-Wing, I could not recommend it higher! Up until I played it 2 weeks ago, 40k was the only game I'd consider, but now I'm more excited about X-Wing than anything else!

    In short - the reason I love it is because it's all the bits I love about 40k, with all the worst bits thrown out.
    Things I love:
    - The price. Quite simply, you can buy the starter set and have fun for £25. Realistically you need to pick up at least another Tie and an X-Wing to start making the most out the game, but those expansions are only £10-12, split with a buddy you're still only looking at £20-25 each.
    - Games only take about an hour. This is awesome, getting 3-4 games in on a gaming night vs 1 game of 40k is way more fun!
    - Game size. The game is played on a 3x3 surface of any kind. No need for big 6x4 tables and boxes of terrain, your dining room table will do!
    - The way the game plays. The game is all about manoeuvring and predicting what your opponents are going to do - if you can out-think your opponent, you'll likely win (big plus as far as I'm concerned).
    - There's squad building, but unlike 40k it's not like you look at two lists and will be able to immediately say 1 or the other will win assuming they don't mess up royally.
    - Rules are way tighter than 40k. The entire rulebook is 20 pages and I was able to pick up and play pretty much straight after watching this 12 minute video. Any rules queries I had were right in the rulebook.
    - Explicit support for tournament play. This kind of links in with the previous point, but the rules are balanced and explicitly written with tournament play in mind - and it shows.
    - Miniatures are pre-painted. While I don't hate painting, I hate the time I have to put in to achieve a good job with my painting, being able to just buy something and use it straight away is a winner for me.

    tl;dr - Watch the tutorial here Spend the £25 with a buddy and have a go. Preferably get a game or two in at your FLGS, so that when you do really enjoy it, you can immediately pick up an extra X-Wing and Tie and have even more fun!

  4. Thanks for the Shout out 8) (sincain40K)


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