Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Battle of the Bloggers: Blog Wars 2011

After a brief discussion in the comment form of one of Sons of Sanguinius' posts we came up with the idea of having a tournament between the writers of the 40K blogs to determine once and for all (or at least for this year) who is the mightiest blogger of them all! I can tell you now that it won't be me! 

So when and where then? Well, since I've got a busy couple of months ahead of me in the lead up to my wedding at the end of April I doubt it will be happening before the end of May (when I get back from honeymoon) but I'm already excited at the idea of it. 

The premise is simple. We arrange a date at some point in the not too distant future and invite as many bloggers as we can think of to Warhammer World (or Maelstrom/wherever if it works out easier) and have a blogger battle royale! I think we need to come up with something a bit different to the normal tournament format, to keep things interesting, but suffice to say it will certainly generate content aplenty for our blogs and hopefully encourage a bit of friendly rivalry between us all! Since this will be a blogging community project I'm totally open to ideas for any aspect of it and I don't for a second claim that this was my idea! 

I'm keen to keep costs to a minimum if at all possible. There may be a problem with this if we actually get enough people interested though. Venues tend to allow you to book a few tables for free but as soon as it goes about half a dozen then they start charging. For example WHW is free for 5-10 tables (i.e. 10-20 competitors) and then for 11-20 tables they want £100. Mind you, I'm sure that if there were 40 of us we'd be happy to throw in £2.50 to cover the hire. 

The alternative to making it totally free is to just cover costs. For example if we can get some food for £5 a head, the venue for £2.50 a head and charge everyone say £15 then we'd be able to have a prize fund with which to supply some prizes for the winners and other notable achievements. 

Who knows, if the first event is a success then maybe we can expand it and make it a regular part of the tournament scene. However, to keep it from ending up like all the other tournaments perhaps we should have different army requirements to normal? If it were up to me then we'd have a single Special Character as a compulsory requirement or perhaps limits on the number particular types of unit or any other ideas the community can come up with!

After losing From The Warp as a unifying force in the 40K blogosphere I think it'd be good to do something like this to keep us working together.

So I'll throw it open to the blogging community. Tell your friends about the proposal and we'll start coming up with some ideas for it. Feel free to comment here and/or email me (using the link on the right) and we'll pool our ideas. Let me know what you think about venue, prizes, scenarios to play, points limits, themes and anything else that springs to mind. Oh and can someone with a bit more artistic talent (and better drawing software), come up with a much better logo than I've made!!


  1. Yesss!!
    It's alive!!

    Great stuff. May/June works for me...lets get this bad boy burning!!

    Theme... each blog has to bring a representative force? eg. Me with SoS I need to bring a BA force? You - wolves?

    As an idea. I'd rather it be a straight forward smash and grab tournament...dead simple, swiss pairs, 4 games over a day? missions from rulebook with points system backed up by VP's and table quarters as extra points in every game to ensure no ties etc.

    I do also like the idea of 1 special character per force as a compulsary choice...

    Let's spread the word


  2. I'm in...I don't care where...I don't care when...but I'm in.


  3. i'll be there whenever it is :)

  4. Sounds like a grand plan.

    As for booking WHW any actual event booking has a good 18 month waiting list......


  5. Awesome-sauce. Let's do this thing!

  6. Maelstrom would probably be free

  7. Although I would happily chuck in a bit of money so we could get a trophy made up if we were going to make it a regular thing.

  8. I'm well keen for this, it'd be a great laugh and a good way to meet all those other bloggers out there.

  9. Agreed, great idea and should be a great laugh :)


  10. I put Alex Harrison forward as "Space Wolves Blog Champion" heh heh :D


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