Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Details for Blog Wars

Just a very quick update to point out that I've added a few more details to the Blog Wars page (see the tab on the top right) and I've tidied it up a bit too. It's looking like Maelstrom will be the best option since their venue is free and the can offer reasonably priced catering too.
For those of you not familiar with the concept, basically I'm planning on hosting an inter-blog tournament so that members of the blogging community can come together and put some faces to names. Anyone is welcome to attend and once we've got some confirmed details I'll be posting them up and starting to sell tickets. These should hopefully be as cheap as possible!

Any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me using the link on the right.


  1. Nice one.

    Any idea of a potential date yet?

  2. Date wise, I can't do the 23rd, but 5th June sounds good to me,... i'd be in for that... sure the other SoS boys would be too...

  3. 5th of June?!?!

    My Birthday is the 4th of June :D


  4. Hmm... 3++ isn't my blog, but I may be up for this if I'm welcome...

    Sounds like fun.

  5. I've updated the details yet again. Added some people's names. Pretty positive response so far I have to say.

    Everyone is welcome of course. Like I said on the page. Having links to a blog would be nice but aren't essential.

    Thanks to everyone who's posted about it already. Much appreciated.


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