Friday, February 25, 2011

Warhammer 40,000 Doubles - Painting Competition (pic heavy)

On the Saturday the judges went round looking at all the armies and deciding on which should be shortlisted for public judging on the Sunday at lunchtime. GW elected to display the judges shortlist of 10 armies in glass cases which was great for presentation but not so good for photography so I apologise in advance. Here's our favourite. 

The reason we liked it so much is that you genuinely felt that they'd just come back from a battle in somewhere resembling Afghanistan. The weathering is just right and some of the details like the blurred power sword are nice touches.

Our second favourite was this Orks army with some amazing conversions such as mono-where Ork bikers. This went on to win the competition and you can clearly see why:

Finally, the best of the rest (again I feel very jealous that my painting is nowhere near close to this standard):


  1. Saw that imperial fists army when I had a walk around on saturday would love to know why they had the purple lizard in there, looked amazing, I can never get that pure a yellow. Did the custodes army not make the top ten? If not thats an outrage.

  2. Yes the Custodes army with the Black Dragon allies made the top ten for best army nominee.

    I am the Space Wolf player who army shown above who also nominee, thanks for the photo of my army :)

    Was a great weekend, just hard to get near the nominee to try take photos of my own.

  3. Wow, thanks so much, the elysians you posted up are mine :) Mind if I grab your pics?

    I'm quite sure Tim will be dead chugged as well (The Vanus Temple)

    The orks were definitely the deserved winners. I got the pleasure of having my 5th game against them, great guys and a really stunning army when you get up close and personal with them.

    How did your time at doubles go? I personally loved and feel the event team are making real progress.


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