Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bjorn & Friends - Dreadnought Lists (1750 pts)

After writing yesterdays post about the elite choices, I was left thinking about how much I like dreadnoughts. Matt played Scott at the weekend and fielded a list with three dreadnoughts in it. Granted it's easier for BA to field dreads but ours are no less fun to use. I decided to see how easy it would be to write lists with dreads in them. Not promising they're competitive but here's what I came up with:

1750pts of Space Wolves
Bjorn the Fell-Handed
Rune Priest (Chooser, Jaws, Lightning)
Rune Priest (Necklace, Hurricane, Jaws)
Rune Priest (Talisman, Lightning, Hurricane)

3x Dreadnought (H. Flamer, Necklace) in Drop Pod

3x 9 Grey Hunters (Melta, PF, Wulfen, Standard) in Rhinos
Pretty short list! Obviously Bjorn the Fell-Handed is a must in any Wolves army featuring dreads and it means technically I could field it at Blog Wars in June. Each Grey Hunter squad gets a Rune Priest so there's going to be a lot of cancelled powers for your opponent. Two of the dreads drop in during turn 1 and try and pick on some juicy targets whilst the third will be in reserve to keep your opponent guessing. Bjorn will march in behind the rhinos to add some punch to the hunters efforts.

There's notable things missing from this list such as long fangs but I'm sure the dreads can deal with most things. The grey hunters are more than capable of de-meching their opponents anyway. There's a surprising amount of killpoints (16) in this list due to all the transports. Makes me wonder if I could get away with less of them...

1750pts of Space Wolves
Bjorn the Fell-Handed
Rune Priest (Talisman, Lightning, Jaws)

3x Dreadnought (H. Flamer, Necklace)
4x 9 Grey Hunters (Melta, Wulfen, Standard) in Rhinos

5 Long Fangs (4x MLs)

Not a million miles away from the first list but a little bit more varied. The hunters have lost their power fists but with four DCCWs knocking around I think they'll be OK. The long fangs and whirlwind add a bit of assistance against hordes and big squads of guard etc. Still a good bit of psychic defence in there and plenty of firepower.

I've only actually managed to lose 1 KP after all that but still a more interesting list I think. I did like the idea of a Logan/Bjorn list with everything being a dreadnought or tactical dreadnought (terminator) with a couple of land raiders but it's far too difficult to squeeze it into 1750pts.

I'm very tempted to make this my list for Blog Wars. Whilst the core of the army (greys/RP/fangs) is pretty standard I think the rest makes up for it by being a bit more off the wall. As I've mentioned before very few people seem to rate the whirlwind but I think because of this people will tend to ignore it in favour of shooting the rhinos. Only problem with using this list is I'll need to buy 3 more dreads.....

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