Friday, March 04, 2011

It begins! - Blog Wars Draft Details are up!

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that I've added a new link on the right of the tabs at the top of the page. In there you'll find my first draft of the plans for the fledgeling tournament. I'm hoping I'll get a lot of input from other bloggers about what they want from the tournament. Any reasonable suggestion will be considered. Have a read of them now and see what you think.

As yet I've not got a confirmed date or venue for it but hopefully I'll be able to figure something out in the not too distant future. This page is the place to refer people to if you want to invite them to the tournament. Any help from anyone is appreciated and the more people spread the word the bigger it will grow into something the blogging community can be proud of.

I hereby throw down the gauntlet! If you think you're a better 40K gamer than anyone else in the blogosphere then put your miniatures where your mouth is and prove it in battle! If you've read the wall of text on the Blog Wars page and you're still interested then email me with your interest and I'll keep you posted when there's an update to the details. I'll reiterate that this thing will only be successful if people spread the word through their blogs. Let's see what we can achieve as a group of geeks who don't think it's enough to just play the game so they have to ramble about it online as well!

I look forward to meeting all of you and hopefully crushing your pitiful army beneath my Space Wolves blue-grey boots!


  1. Well I'm certainly interested but no INAT (lacks common sense) just GW's F&Q's

    It will certainly be nice to meet new people and put names/faces to blogs!

  2. I'd like to seeing something new and different in the UK. Perhaps something similar to the Nova system in the US? That seems to be fairly popular, fair and interesting :)

  3. It started with the Sons and it'll end with the Sons...

    Count the Sons of Sanguinius boys in...

    No INAT please wolf bitch, GW all the way.

    (yes, banter begins. First shot across bows)


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