Friday, February 04, 2011

Doubles Tournament Warm-up

Team Blood Wolves is off to Warhammer World in the morning for some warm up games before the doubles tournament at the same venue in a couple of weeks. We're pretty happy with our list and we'll be happy if we can come anywhere near our performance at Freebootaz. In order to help us prepare we've arranged a game or two with the guys over at Claws & Fists. If you don't already read their blog then you really should. We met them at Freebootaz and sadly we were never drawn against them. 

Obviously I'll throw up a battle report or two on here afterwards but if anyone happens to be in the area they're welcome to come down. I appreciate this is about as late notice as possible but on the off chance anyone is free then we're always up for a challenge! Head over to the GW website first though to look through the army list restrictions for the doubles tournament. In summary you have to have at least one HQ and one Troops choice per 750pt army and the entire 1500pt army has to have a single choice from Heavy, Fast Attack and Elites before you can have anything else. 

Maybe we'll see some of you there. In the future I'll try and give a bit more notice!!

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