Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fame at Last!

It seems that Games Workshop have gone and made us famous. This picture was featured on Whats New Today over on the official GW website. Unbelievably they've got (from left to right) me & Matt plus Gav, Darren and Chris from Claws and Fists. Granted I could've looked happier to be there but otherwise I couldn't be more pleased!

Anyway, I promise I'll try and get some reports up from it soon but today I've had another three games against Matt with interesting consequences.

First game saw me beat Matt's BA for the first time with Logan and Arjac seeing off Dante, his honour guard and 10 assault marines with priest! I went on to completely table him. We then played a doubles style game where we trialled a new list only to find our current one was even better than we thought! Finally Matt tabled me but I got to use my Lord and TWCs for the first time who dispatched two assault squads but a furioso librarian made short work of them. The lord did survive several rounds of combat after making tons of 3++ saves!

Awesome few days of gaming!

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