Sunday, February 20, 2011

Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Result

Just a very quick post to say that we had an awesome time at the doubles this weekend. We're already making plans for our next visit! Overall we came in 16th out of 130 teams which I think is pretty respectable. After two games we were placed 5th and played on the "top tables" which wasn't really an enjoyable experience but I'll get to that another time.

Really pleased with how the list performed and I think we only made a minimal amount of mistakes over the two days. Met some great people and I've got several ideas for some new and interesting content for the blog. This week I'll try and get reports up for our battles. Since I'll not remember everything in great detail I'll just do a summary of the battles on each day and post up a few pictures. In addition there'll be posts covering:
  • Army Painting Competition - picture heavy post with a run down of our favourites and inspiration to be taken from it.
  • The Worst Possible Army List - after a (beer fuelled) discussion in Bugman's on Saturday night we tried to come up with the worst possible list to use at a tournament whilst still featuring a unit from each FOC slot - TheBaron over at Claws & Fists may beat me to it though! Needless to say it's a priceless selection of units that would be met with looks of confusion when your opponent consults your list.
  • Dealing with "That Guy" - or should I say those guys when we're talking about doubles? We met our first Win At All Costs (WAAC) opponents at this tournament and the experience taught us a lot.
There's probably more posts that will spawn from what we've learnt from this tournament but for now I should get some sleep! 

PS. The picture is the first thing that came up when I typed our team name, "Bloody Wolves" into Google image search!


  1. Nice post mate, bit of a laugh with that picture... Ive been using it for my renegade space wolf chapter for some time now!

  2. I had a walk around when I went to see thebaron play yesterday and think I saw your armies but I will have to wait for the pics to confirm it. Look forward to seeing you on the tournament scene later in the year. Well done.

  3. Well done chaps, look forward to hearing about your battles and experiences with 'that guy'. TBH, t's one of the things putting me off the tournament scene but I[m sure the positives outweigh the negs. Hope to catch up for a game sometime soon.


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