Friday, February 18, 2011

Warhammer Doubles Tomorrow!

As I've mentioned (just a few times!) Team Bloody Wolves AKA Matt and I are off to the Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament at Warhammer World tomorrow. This is still only my second tournament but spurred on by our performance at Freebootaz we're hoping to at least win a few games. The tournament will have 6 1500pt doubles games over Saturday & Sunday. Whilst the points limits are the same as Freebootaz the main difference between the two is that our opponents won't be selected at random. Instead your opponents will be based upon your progress so far (I believe this is the norm for tournaments?). In some respects this might be a good thing but if we have a lucky win to start off with we could end up paired with another team who's far better than us! Whilst I can see the benefits of this system, i.e. people are matched with opponents at their own skill level so they get a fairer game, I think the random selection means the overall winner has proved themselves against a wider variety of lists. Not to mention we'll end up coming up against some power gamers no doubt.

Anyway, I'm quite excited because I loved my last tournament experience and we've definitely learnt a lot since then. The other exciting thing is that GW insist on all models being fully painted which should make for some lovely looking games and hopefully some nice pictures for you guys. I'm all for playing with what you've got but it does detract from the experience when you play a counts as army. It has its place but I think it's good that at tournaments it's usually frowned upon. 

I'll try and post some updates on our progress over the weekend but suffice to say there'll be a full rundown of our battles (perhaps not in as much detail as I did for Freebootaz) and pictures of any nice looking armies I spot in between games.

I'm sure we'll have our beginner's luck shown for what it is but Matt is still under the impression we might do well....

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