Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lists for Warhammer World 6K Battle

This is probably a bit backwards since I've already written the battle report but since I didn't have access to everyone's lists when I wrote the report I'll put them in now. Bear in mind Alex's armies didn't need to follow the FOCs because of trying to find 3K with the models available. There were a few last minute changes so things might not add up but here goes:

3000pts of Space Wolves
Logan Grimnar
Ragnar Blackmane
Rune Priest (Living Lightning, Jaws, Chooser)
Rune Priest (Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane)

Wolf Scouts (Meltagun, Plasma pistol, MotW)
Dreadnought (heavy flamer upgrade), Drop Pod

3 Wolf Guard (combi-melta, power fist)
2x 10 Grey Hunters (plasma gun, meltagun, power fist, MotW, standard)
8 Grey Hunters (meltagun, power weapon, MotW, standard)
5 Wolf Guard Terminators (Arjac Rockfist, 3x Pair of wolf claws, Cyclone & PF), Land Raider Redeemer (multi-melta)

Land Speeder (multi-melta, heavy flamer)

5 Long Fangs (2x lascannon, 2x missile launcher)
Land Raider

3000pts of Blood Angels
Honour Guard (Blood champion, power sword)
Librarian (unleash rage, blood lance)

Furioso Librarian (Wings of Sanguinius, blood lance)
7 Assault Terminators (2x TH/SS, 5 lightning claws)
Land Raider Crusader (multi-melta)
3 Sanguinary Priests (Corbulo, power weapon x2, jump pack x2)

9 Assault Marines (Meltagun, power fist)
Land Raider
2x 10 Assault Marines (Meltagun, power sword)
6x Death Company (jump packs, power fist, infernus pistol, power sword)

Predator (TL lascannon, lascannon sponsons)
Devastator squad (3x missiles, 1x lascannon)

3000pts of Daemonhunters
Grand Master (bionics, icon of the just, scourging, master crafted weapon, psychic hood)
Grey Knight Terminators (incinerator)
Father Nicholas
Grey Knight Terminators
Inquisitor Coteaz
Inquistor's Retinue (3 vet guardsmen, 2 grenade launchers, acolyle w/ plasma pistol, lexmechanic)

Vindicare Assassin
Calidus Assassin

8 Grey Knights (justicar, incinerator, psycannon)
Infantry Platoon
2x Inquistorial Stormtroopers Squads

5 Grey Knights (justicar, sacred incense, incinerator, psycannon)

Orbital Lance Strike
Dreadnought (TL lascannon)
Dreadnought (multi-melta)
Purgation squad

3,000pts of Imperial Guard
Commisar Yarrick
Company Command Squad (Castellan Creed, lascannon team, master of ordnance, regimental standard, medi-pack)

4 Ogryns
Stormtroopers (meltagun, plasma gun, airborne assault)
Guardsman Marbo

Platoon Command Squad (flamer)
5 Infantry Squads (2 standard, 1 w/ heavy bolter, 2 w/ meltagun)
Veteran Guardsmen (plasma gun, meltagun, demolitions)
Veteran Guardsmen (plasma gun, meltagun, grenadiers)
Heavy weapons team (lascannons)
Heavy weapons team (autocannons)

Sentinels x3 (heavy flamer)
8 Rough riders (flamer)

Basilisk (heavy stubber)
3 Leman Russ (lascannon, 1 with HB sponsons)
LR Vanquisher (lascannon)
LR Exterminator (HB sponsons)

Phew! that took some typing! Was a great battle and I hope these lists made sense, normal service will be resumed once I get home. I've got a lot of content I want to get up. There's at least a dozen posts floating round in my head.

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