Thursday, December 16, 2010

Warhammer World Visit

Just got off the phone to Matt who's filled me in on the plans for our Apoc-style game at Warhammer World next Wednesday. We've booked the Assault on Terra table. There used to be an article about how it was made on the Warhammer World website but since they merged the sites it's got lost. Anyway, I was pleased to hear that they've rebased the entire table in a snow theme! It's almost like they knew we were coming!

So the plan is to have a all-day 6000 point game. One the one side will be Matt and I with 3K of Blood Angels and 3K of Space Wolves. Facing us will me our friend Alex (who we play Necromunda with) and he'll use a combined Daemonhunters and Imperial Guard army of 6K pts. We're not using any of the Apoc rules by the way just that it's a huge game. Both mine and Matt's armies will have to comform to a standard FOC whereas we're being a bit more flexible with Alex since it'd be difficult with the models he has to make it all legal.

The basic idea is that BA/SW will guard the fortress on one side of the map and try and stop Alex getting his forces onto a suitable objective inside the base. In a planetstrike style Alex will win if he has a unit within 3" of the objective contested or not. A big attack and defend scenario really. We're kind of making it up as we go along at this point really. 

Anyway, I'll post again once I've put together my half of our list. Expect to see me make the most of my 4 HQ choices! I should mention that anyone who wants to come watch is welcome to! Not that I anticipate anyone doing so but just in case anyone was thinking about it.

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  1. Sounds like a carcking day out!!

    if i didnt have to work all the way up till Chrismass Eve i'd come and say hi.... and treat myself to some resin goodies... good job i am working really lol

    We expect lots of pictures and a report.


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