Friday, December 10, 2010

Looking to the Future

Now that I'm well and truly hooked on Space Wolves (and with no Tau or Eldar 5th edition codex in sight) I'm making plans for the expansion of my range of models. I like to try out everything when I collect an army and as I've already listed the models I currently own you know by now I've got pretty much everything going in the codex! 

There are a few notable exceptions though. I don't own any fenrisian wolves, thunderwolves or an Iron Priest. Now I don't really see the point in Iron Priests. The main problem I have with them is that they don't compete well with the other options in the Elite slots. You're guaranteed to have some Wolf Guard (if not then you should!) which leaves two slots. You have to ask yourself, would you rather have an Iron Priest or scouts/dreadnought/lone wolf? The other issue I have with them is that you pretty much have to take servitors/fen wolves since they aren't independent characters. In order for him to be useful you've got to keep the machines he can repair in close proximity which means a firebase of tanks somewhere sitting back and shooting. Hardly the way Russ intended is it? Anyway, this isn't a discussion of the pros and cons of Iron Priests. 

So basically I want some wolves! I'm completely taken by the idea of them and I was really disappointed when I discovered GW don't make a model except Canis. They are what make the Space Wolves unique, they define the very origins of the chapter. In short, I need them in my life!

We played against some TWC in our opening game at Freebootaz and despite them losing out pretty badly to Mephiston I was still impressed. I'd already been thinking about them but now I really researched them. Happily the guys at C&F helped out with their post listing all the sources of TWC models out there. I really like the Mythicast models, an example of which is in the picture above, they look excellent when painted up and I think they're just the right size (I should point out the image is taken from Warseer and was painted by a guy called "Gorman"). I've got my eye on the full set of 5 thunderwolves and a set of 10 fen wolves. At current exchange rates this will work out at about £9 per thunderwolf and £2 per fen wolf. Not cheap but you know that if GW ever brought out a model for them they'd be twice the price!

Let's hope I've got some cash left after Christmas! I'll keep you posted on building and painting them once they arrive of course! I'll write up my ideal army list for them soon and then talk properly about the pros and cons of them. Anyone else got some nice TWC models they can recommend?

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