Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Future of Double Trouble?

As I'd mentioned ad nauseum, Double Trouble 4 was my last event. I know a lot of you were disappointed by this and were hoping that someone would step into fill the void. Well I'm pleased to tell you that not one but two people are planning similar events in the future. I'll post more details of Ian Connolly's plans in another post but for now my friend Jamie Jackson has some news about his event Two's Company, Four Means War.

Some of you may have met me over the past 7 years at Alex’s various events. Unfortunately, number 15 was the final one as Alex has family commitments requiring more of his time going forward. I’m sure you will all agree that he’s done a fantastic job over the years and that it’s a shame they have now come to an end. Or have they....? 

Those of you who were at Double Trouble 4 may have met myself, Alex G (tall chap with salamanders, hard to miss) and Rich (there as a reserve with the shiny harlequins). On our road trip back to Cambridgeshire we were discussing how good the event was and between us we concluded we could attempt to run it ourselves. 

The more we discussed it, the more keen we all were and before we knew it we had investigated venues, dates, feasibility, etc. and were at a point where we were almost ready to proceed. This is where you guys come in. Hopefully we will get some local interest plus some guys from our club in Cambridgeshire interested, but what would really make things work would be if some of the Blog Wars/Double Trouble veterans continued to attend. 

In a nutshell, it will be the same format as Double Trouble, same points, almost the same scoring system and same cost of £17.50 including lunch. We will try to make the prize support (raffle will still be a thing) as generous as it always has been but that will depend on the level of support from the new venue, which is looking likely to be Imps Wargaming in Lincoln

Why not Element you may ask. Quite simply, Element is a 4 hour drive for us which involves an overnight stay and has put a lot of people off in the past. Lincoln is a bit more central and the venue has 18 tables, 20% off GW and is geared up for the community. 

So what do you need to do? For now, nothing except comment below to express interest so we can get an idea of how popular it will be. Alex B will be in attendance as a guest of honour and has kindly agreed for us to both use his rules pack and to promote the event on From the Fang. As things progress I will also place updates on my own blog:

I appreciate any support and if the first one is a success we will look to continue running it 6 monthly as before. 

Cheers, Jamie. 

Thanks Jamie. Hopefully you agree it sounds exactly like the kind of event I was hoping would spring up to fill the void. I hope you'll all support Jamie. I'll hopefully be heading along to relax and play in the knowledge that someone else has to do the legwork!


  1. Well done Jamie for stepping up. The WeeMen will hopefully be able to send someone to support, job-willing, and a fairly manageable 3.5hrs away but an overnight stay will mean a trip to nearby WHW perhaps.... we managed Blog Wars but not DT, we will have to change that!

  2. Great to hear the spirit of Blog Wars lives on! I didn’t make the Double Trouble events (I’m not a massive fan of doubles) but I did a lot of the Blog Wars singles events. If your events draw the same players and has a similar atmosphere, I’ll definitely come along for a day. From Notts, you are right on the door-step after all!

    Graham S (Tyranids / Squats)

  3. Couldn't make it to DT4, but I'm up for it. Think most of the others in my gaming group are too (maybe 5-8 of us, depending on dates... There were 10 of us at one of the blog wars events), and Imps is far more convenient for us too

  4. I think I'll get in touch with Jamie, and discuss our mutual plans... we don't want to compete for the same weekend. In all honesty Cambridgeshire is a hell of a lot easier for me too :P but I'd still look at trying to run one event per year at element as that is where the event grew up really. Plus it's near my mum's and she looks forward to my wargaming weekend ;)

  5. Unfortunately Lincoln is 3 times the distance that Element is for me. I may be able to join you but 5-6 hours of travelling is a bit much and I don't love 40K enough to pay for a hotel haha! Whatever happens, I hope your events are a success!

    1. Sadly I'm in a similar position to Ian, literally because I think we're reasonably local to each other. I like one day events so I don't have to worry about hotels and can nip put an back without too much family disruption. Fingers crossed it appeals to the Lincoln massive! All the best.

  6. Ah yeah Lincoln, I missed that bit... they're from Cambridgeshire, plan to host in Lincoln. Need to read details fully. :P

  7. I'd definitely be interested! Lincoln makes it all the more appealing as it's a bit closer to home.

  8. Hey everyone. Sorry for the slow reply and thanks to Alex for the free plug on here.

    We are still in early talks with Imp but everything so far sounds encouraging. We will likely split the work between the 3 of us with me organising the venue / payments etc, Alex G sorting the rules and event packs and Richard running the show on the day.

    Ginge - we were looking at one of the first 2 weeks in March tentatively. Dave and Ian, you will be missed but I don't think Element will work out for us and Lincoln seems to be more central for the majority of people. Hopefully all will materialise and updates will go out in the next few months. Cheers.

    1. Yeah sorry Jimbo, but it makes perfect sense for you to make it local and fair to those in that area. We've been very lucky to have it up north for so long I hope its a real success for you all.

      If I can make it in the future I'll definitely try.

    2. Slow reply! Sorry! (I have a child now, funny how they become a time sink.)

      You absolutely have to look for a venue that is good for the majority, and as Dave says, we were lucky that Alex chose Element because it's very handy for us in the North West.

      Not sure where you are upto with the event now, but I hope it goes well!

  9. Replies
    1. Yup. Strange coincidence. Was going to put up a bat rep from the first game of 40K I've had this year!


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