Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Double Trouble 4 Painting Competition - Best Army and Best Conversions (pic heavy)

I was thrilled to see a lot more on display in the painting competition than usual. I'm always frustrated when people decide not to show their armies because they don't think they'll win. If you've put the effort in you should get the kudos. Anyway, as usual the painting competition was split into four categories: Best Army, Best Conversions, Best Character & Best Monster/Vehicle. To avoid one player sweeping the board, players are only allowed to enter one of the categories.

Today I'll talk about the Best Army and Best Conversions entries starting with the former. As usual, apologies if some of the pictures aren't great, I have a lot to do over the lunch break!

Best Army
There were some excellent entries in the competition with an incredibly high standard. First up, David Wagg's Executioners (Space Marines):

With three votes each Jamie Jackson's Ryza Ad Mech and Theo Upton's T'au shared third place:

Next up Richard McManus' Harlequins got four votes. Now, Richard wasn't actually playing in the event but he'd come along as my backup in case we had a last minute dropout so I had no problem with him displaying his beautiful Harlies force:

Running away with the victory scoring 16 votes was Nathaniel Gibbs' awesome Dark Carnival Drukhari force. You might remember that his army won Best Conversions at the first Double Trouble. I had the pleasure of playing with him at that event and against him at DT4:

Best Conversions
In previous events there's often been one army that gets displayed that puts everyone off showing theirs. This time however, all of the entries were single miniatures. First up Duncan Gray's Soul Grinder:

Next up Dan Wellington's two-headed Alpha Legion Heldrake. Once again I had the pleasure of playing against Dan's army. This thing proved irritatingly durable though! More on that in my battle reports.

Finally, taking a whopping 17 votes was John Walton's renegade knight. A stunning example of the best of this hobby. It's also refreshing to see a Slaanesh version as we've seen a lot of Nurgle or Khorne offerings. Pull you finger out Tzeentch worshippers!

I'll be back later in the week with the Best Character and Best Vehicle/Monster so stay tuned for that.

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  1. Great efforts! And thanks for taking the photos Alex! Get painting some Terrain!


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