Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hobby Resolutions for 2017

Not sure why I keep doing this to myself since clearly my resolve is lacking and I never seem to stick to them. Still, it's a tradition now so let's get on with it starting, as ever, with a look back over last year's resolutions.

  • Double Trouble - this is at least one I can tick off. I was really pleased with how the event went and how well people embraced the spirit of it. I'm really looking forward to the next one.
  • Get the scenery done - I'm looking at last year's resolutions post and Siph's comment "I'll believe it when I see it Alex" is haunting me. I made some progress on my scenery but nothing finished all year. 
  • Clear out the crap - I ended up with more crap if anything - fail! Needs to happen in 2017 though before the move into the garage. Watch this space! 
  • Paint all my knights - well partial credit here surely? Two of my four knights are "finished". Be nice to get my original knight up to the same standard and work on my freeblade too though.
  • Finish some Tau/SW units - nope!
  • Blogging - more hobby posts was the aim. Well, I barely posted about my hobby in the past so this was a somewhat meagre goal but with all of the knight stuff I think I did reasonably well.
  • Torunaments - think I managed my lofty goal of "the odd one here and there". Go me!
What about this year then?
  • Scenery - this is getting to be a bit of a joke/farce but I really really really want to get my scenery done. Doesn't help that I can't remember playing more than a couple of games on my own table all of 2016 though! Perhaps I should forget about the idea of having an alternate set of desert terrain and just worry about getting my winter stuff done. Still, it really doesn't take long to produce so there shouldn't be any excuse. Right Jamie and Siph, hit me with your sarcasm.
  • Clear Out The Crap - I've changed my mind about the Dark Angels. Seems a shame to get rid of another army that I've put work into (like I did with my Eldar a while ago). I think I just need to rationalise my collection though. The same goes for all my armies to a greater or lesser extent. There'll be a decent amount of space in my garage but I really want things to be better organised in there.
  • Painting - As I posted about at some point in 2016, I've given up on the idea of setting myself targets to keep to get my armies done. Instead I'm just going to go with the flow. Since I posted about this I haven't actually finished anything but again, hopefully the garage will change that.
  • Blogging - I've found my motivation lacking of late but hopefully I'll find some inspiration again when I start playing more games again
  • Tournaments - I'll be attending at least one event this year, Double Trouble 2 but who knows if I'll be playing in it. Outside of that I'd like to attend some 40K, X-wing and Blood Bowl events.
  • Double Trouble 2 - obviously I want this to be bigger and better than DT2. At least the venue will be better so I'm already winning!

So, essentially what I'm doing here is avoiding setting specific goals so I can feel better about myself next year! I'm putting a lot of hope into the garage conversion spurring me to new heights of hobby production but we'll have to wait and see I guess. 

As I said in my review post. We've got a big game coming up at the end of Jan so I need to get some Orks ready for that so there'll likely be my first order of business. What I'd really like to do though is get my new Human Blood Bowl team painted. I can't promise I won't be distracted and paint them instead. Clearing out the crap has to come before anything else though as it's a necessary part of the garage move. 

So, hands up who thinks I'll get any scenery finished in the next 12 months....


  1. Scenery? You? Naahhh.... ha ha. Seriously, Alex it doesn't take too long, can be roughly done and is big and satisfying, and makes battles so much better! Look forward to it. I will post all my terrain for you to get you motivated!

  2. Happy New Year from Sons of Sotha.

  3. I can only say that my own hobby space has made my efforts so much more structured, 10-12 is my own time. However, family is much more important so you should never feel bad if the hobby (including the blog) takes a back seat even with the best intentions. Going with the flow seems like a good a plan for the new year, so I hope it's a great one for you.


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