Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Blog Wars 9 - Painting Competition - Best Army (pic heavy)

This year's painting competition was judged in three parts and as a result I thought it only fair to post the pictures in three parts too. Today we'll look at the Best Painted Army away. The word "painted" is important there because I have now introduced a prize for Best Conversions that I hope will encourage people to see the two things as separate. I think too often the army that wins the "best painted" award is the one that's got some striking conversions. I don't necessarily think that people who can pull off amazing feats of modelling are always great at painting too. Hopefully adding in that extra prize will encourage people to try some conversions in their army as well as thinking about the paint job.

Best Painted Army
This was a two-horse race (in the voting at least). The winner was Dave Weston with his Tyranids. They've been featured before as they placed joint second at BW7 and won at BW6, We've had a debate before about whether you should be eligible to win Best Painted with the same army twice but it's worth pointing out that a lot of Dave's votes came from first time BW players and that a large portion of his army were new models. It's also worth bearing in mind that when Dave won at BW6 he hadn't even displayed the models and they were simply on his red plastic tray ready for the next game. They're still a stunning example of what can be achieved and I was thrilled that the custom built skyshield made an appearance. As per usual my photos of the armies were a little rushed but here's a few shots:

Runners Up
Liam Aincough and his Tau were a close second with just a single vote separating him and Dave. Incidentally Dave voted for Liam! There was then a gap of 7 votes to the chasing pack with Chris Benstead's CSM, Nick Thrower's Dark Eldar, Graham Sanders' Squats (IG) and Nathaniel Gibbs Spaces Wolves all tightly packed together. Here's a few shots of their armies and some of the other entries:

Tomorrow I'll look at the Best Painted Character prize.


  1. Well done Dave for winning yet another painting competition it must be so boring for you lol. Ive decided if I ever want to even have half a chance of competing in a painting competition it will have to be when you and Liam Ainscough (Tau) don't go which is a bit of a problem as your both my buddies! So I just thought Id let you both know Blogwars 10 is December :)

  2. Excellent to see so many painted armies and to a great standard. Also, two attendees from Weemen! ;) Hopefully I'll make November! Now, Relictors or Necrons... hmmm

  3. Having narrowly lost the vote at a previous (not blog wars, local) tournament for best army, and then being told by several (enough to win) voters that had they not seen my army beforehand they would have voted for it, but because it wasn't new to them, they hadn't, I think the crowd will be fairly self-regulating when it comes to repeat entrants. I didn't vote for Daves Tyranids as best army, despite it being clearly one of the best, as I'd seen a fair amount of it before, and certainly the display board. Deathleaper was new to me, so I voted for him as best special character.

    If he brings his tyranids next time he'll probably grab the votes of all the newcomers, but veterans will probably look at other armies... at least until he finally brings forth these much promised dark angels ;)

    1. I agree Ian. I think the crowd are pretty good at self-regulating. I won't ever tell people they can't enter or that people can't vote for them. It's up to the individual whether they want to award it to the same army again.

      I'd like to see these Dark Angels too. I'm not convinced they actually exist!


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