Friday, May 10, 2013

Updating my Tau for Blog Wars - Kroot

With Blog Wars just over six weeks away now (tickets are still available) I've been trying to get my Tau army painted up in time. Most of it was already done but there are a few units that needed updating and some new units that needed a lick of paint.

The first thing I needed to paint were some more kroot. I managed to get a dozen for pretty cheap on eBay and set to work painting them the same colour scheme as my exisiting squad. They're by far the quickest thing to paint and the original squad was one of the first units I painted using washes.

The colour scheme is simple. All of the paints are from the old range though as they needed to match the existing models. There's a basecoat of Gretchin Green on all of the flesh. The metal parts are all Boltgun Metal. The shoulder pads are Scorched Brown. All the straps are painted with Snakebite Leather and then all the other brown parts are painted with Bestial Brown. Finally the hair is painted Chaos Black, tongues are painted Blood Red and the eyes, nails and stiches are painted Ceramite White (only new colour I used). To finish off the entire model is washed with Devlan Mud. Once this dries it draws everything together beautifully. The base is then painted Graveyard Earth before sand is applied.

I could probably go back and add some highlights but my mission is to get all my models to table top standard before I start worrying about final details.

I'll keep updating my progress as the tournament gets nearer. There isn't a hell of a lot to do but it might still be a struggle!

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