Friday, May 24, 2013

Four Weeks until Blog Wars 5!!

Time has flown by since the last Blog Wars event and now the fifth tournament is just over 4 weeks away. We're currently just shy 40 players so there's still a few tickets left if anyone would like one. Please either contact me by email or use the ticket link on the right.

After much deliberation I've decided it will probably be easier to run random missions for the event rather than selecting three missions in particular. The reason for this is that it should encourage army lists to be a little more diverse. Sorry to anyone who'd planned specifically for the missions laid out but to be honest it won't be that big a deal for most. I'll run the deployments as they are at the moment with Vanguard, Hammer & Anvil and then Dawn of War but the missions will be randomly generated. No mission will be played twice of course.

The extra special character rules which are synonymous with Blog Wars will be that in objective missions the special character is scoring (even if he's unable to leave a vehicle e.g. Pask) and in Purge the Alien he'll be worth an extra VP when he dies. Hopefully that makes sense. I'll remind everyone at the start of each mission.

My Army
After initially planning to take Dark Eldar, I then decided to take my new Dark Angels after the release of the codex. However, the new Tau book came shortly afterward and I'm pretty besotted with it at the moment. I've therefore decided to take Tau. After a couple of playtest games I've settled on a list I'm happy with but it requires a fair bit of painting between now and then. I've already managed to get a few things done but there's still quite a few to go.

I need to paint the following to bring my army up to table top standard (3 colours):

  • Riptide
  • 14 pathfinders
  • 9 fire warriors
If there's still time after that then I'd like to buy and paint some broadsides to make my ideal list. If I run out of time there's a backup list that I can take that doesn't need them. I'll post more details of my list and painting progress over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned to the blog for more Blog Wars details and a run down of the prizes nearer the time. I look forward to seeing all you veterans again in June and also to meeting some new people.


  1. Cant wait for this - crazy busy so my list won't be 100% what I wanted - but should still be fun. When do lists need to be submitted by?

    1. They need to be in 2 weeks before the event, so by the end of Sat June 8th.

  2. Very much looking forwards to it!


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