Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Tau XV104 Riptide and Blog Wars Update

First off here's a quick shot of my riptide who's been painted to a tabletop standard ready for Blog Wars. My policy with painting is to try and get things looking decent enough at a gaming standard and hopefully at some point I can find time to go back and add details, highlights, etc to finish them off. Realistically that's probably a long time away but I'd rather have a full army to tabletop standard than have a couple of models brilliantly painted and the rest of the army undercoated. I can understand people who prefer it the other way round but it just isn't for me.

Anyway, onto Blog Wars itself. I'm afraid there's a bit of bad news. Andy Humphris who's the current reining champion had been planning on attending which is why I'd suggested the Giantkiller prize. Sadly he's not going to be able to make it which means the prize fund for that will be incorporated back into the main pot. It's a great shame as it means that there won't be any Sons of Sanguinius players at the event at all. They've been a mainstay of the previous events so I'm gutted that none of them can make it. It's largely down to the change of venue I expect which has pretty much been out of my hands. Perhaps for the next one I'll try and find a more central location.

What it does mean though is that there's guaranteed to be someone else winning Blog Wars 5! That's actually quite exciting to me. Not that I'd been getting bored of giving the prize to Andy or anything.... honest! Everyone else who's still attending will have been sent an email reminding them about army list submission. The deadline is midnight on 8th June which is a week on Saturday. I don't really mind how the lists are formatted as long as they're pretty straightforward to interpret. It's hard enough checking so many army lists on my own without having to decipher some crazy layout.

Once the army lists are submitted I'll be finalising the numbers and figuring out how much I can spend on prizes. Once I've done that it'll be a trip to my FLGS to buy everything and you can be sure I'll post details here. I'm looking forward to what is definitely going to be the biggest event yet, here's hoping it's the best!

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  1. The riptide pint work is awesome, but the model has got mold lines.


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