Friday, May 03, 2013

40K Battle Brothers - Army Painting Competition (pic heavy)

Sunday's painting competition was for entire armies. Usually they split it down into individual forces (i.e. two forces make up a doubles team) but this time it was for the whole 1,500pt army. There were several examples of where one half was outstanding but was let down by the other half. The weaker halves were by no means poor and I'd be happy if I could paint even half as well but the proximity to a better army made them weaker by comparison. The eventual winner was a full army of stunning pieces. The sort of army that amazes you but at the same time depresses you that you'll never produce anything like that kind of quality in your own armies.

Finally, here's several shots of the winner's army:


  1. Some fantastic painting and conversions in there. Thanks for taking the photos and sharing pal. Especially like the PH Dark Angel stuff and the winning army.

  2. Cheers for the nice pics of my Tau. The WHW events guys didnt take very good photos of them! Good to see you guys take the win too!


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