Friday, February 10, 2012

A Painter's Progress - Tau Army for Jolly Toys Outing (pic heavy)

As I've mentioned in several posts now, I'm trying to get my Tau ready for Jolly Toys Outing on 18th/19th Feb. Clearly I haven't got much time left so I'm frantically painting 2,000pts of models that are either painting Tausept Ochre or not painted at all. I've already posted the colour scheme I'm going for so I thought I'd just throw up and update of how I'm getting on so far.

Here's a selection of shots of the sky ray, broadsides and devilfish that I've painted so far. They're by no means finished but I'm aiming for gaming standard for now and then I'll come back and improve them after the tournament.

My lovely wife helped me along by painting the devilfish. I love how the colour scheme came out but I need to go back and fill in the panel gaps with chaos black to better define them and to cover up some of the tausept ochre that can be seen in the gaps!

I've denoted the pathfinders' devilfish by painting the cockpit in adeptus battlegrey and added a couple of antennae to represent their beacons for deep striking. The sky ray will make an excellent centrepiece for the army and I can't wait til the army is on the table with it's new scheme. The broadsides look a little different to the vehicles as I used Regal Blue on them rather than the Mordian Blue that I've now switched to. It stands out a bit better and breaks up the grey nicely.

So I've got about a week to go and here's my progress so far:

  • 4x Broadsides
  • 1x Skyray
  • 3x Devilfish
  • 6x Gun Drones
Still to paint:
  • 27 fire warriors
  • 12 pathfinders
  • 10 crisis suits
  • 2 shield drones
Holy crap it looks a lot when your write it out!! I'll let you know how I get on! My wife's going away for the weekend so I've got a good few days of solid painting but it's gonna be tight!


  1. VERY tight by the looks of it mate!

    Good luck!

  2. You don't need to sleep right??

    That's a lot of infantry to do! Good luck! I'm not normally a fan of multiple colours on Tau vehicles but you've made good colour choices sticking to a limited colour range (all in the blues / greys) so it works quite nicely! Looking forward to seeing how you apply this across the infantry.

  3. I thought I had a lot to do! Good luck with it. Maybe we'll get drawn against each other.

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