Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog Wars 2 Coverage Across the Blogosphere

Being a tournament primarily aimed at bloggers, Blog Wars 2 has obviously been talked about on various different blogs and I present them here so that you can take a look for yourself and get a feel for the event. For those of you sick of hearing about the thing there'll be one more post on it and then normal service will be resumed! Anyway, here goes!
  • Rogue Trader from Graham Sanders talks about his exploits with Tyranids at the tournament and also defaces the BW2 logo!
  • Andy Lane from Claws and Fists has been reporting his battles with Ghazghkull and his orks here and here
  • Commissar Dave (Clark) was Andy's opponent in the final game and he's talked about his exploits with his beautifully painted Praetorian (IG) army here.
  • James Lamb's build up to the event can be found here and I'm sure he'll post some after action stuff soon
  • Rick Miller talks about the BW2 aftermath and scooped Best Painted Special Character for his Helbrecht
  • Another Tyranid entry from Chris Benstead at WeeMen (who won Best Painted Army) with him describing his first battle here 
  • Finally, the winner of the tournament talks about his thoughts using Necrons and winning (sorry to spoil the surprise Ven) and I'm sure the other SoS guys won't be far behind him
Bit of a short post then but it's about the other blogs and their reports. In the next couple of days I'll talk about the plans for BW3

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