Monday, July 14, 2014

Shameless Plug - Items for Sale on eBay including Limited Edition stuff

Sorry to interrupt the scheduled Ork codex review but I wanted to quickly give a shameless plug for some of the items I'm selling on eBay. I hope to get more up next weekend too but you can check out what I've got for sale here. Pretty much all the models are new and either just assembled or else on sprue. The books are in excellent condition for the most part. I'm selling the Eldar and Tyranid codices because I can't see me actually starting an army for either race.

Here's a full list of what I've got up for sale:

  • Codex Grey Knights (5th ed)
  • Codex Space Wolves (5th ed)
  • Codex Eldar (6th ed)
  • Codex Tyranids (6th ed)
  • 5th edition rulebook (small)
  • 6th edition rulebook (small)
  • Tau Crisis Suit
  • Tau XV8 Commander (finecast)
  • Tau Stealth Team (3)
  • Tau Kroot x12
  • Dark Eldar Succubus (finecast)
  • Dark Vengeance CSM Helbrute x2
  • Dark Vengeance CSM Cultists
  • Dark Vengeance CSM Chosen
  • Dark Vengeance CSM Chaos Lord (Kranon the Relentless)
There's also a couple of limited edition items that GW no longer make:
  • Dark Vengeance DA Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus
  • Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Network (not strictly limited edition but you have to buy everything separate these days)
Anyway here's the link to it all.

I'm having a bit of a clearout to try and make both the space and the necessary funds for my Ork army that I'll be working on in the coming months. In general I want to try and trim some of the fat from all of my armies and sell some models that I can't see me ever using. Of course, I need to be careful with my Wolves and Dark Eldar as rule changes might make previously poor units more viable. Basically I want to make the mammoth painting task ahead of me seem more manageable by clearing out some models I don't need.

The Ork codex review will continue tomorrow. Sorry for the interruption!


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