Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Blog Wars 6 Prize Announcement!

It's that time again and as ever it's my favourite bit of the Blog Wars build-up (except the pie charts of course!). This time around the good people at Element Games, who now run the shop at the NWGC, have generously sponsored the event. I'm very grateful to them for this and as ever I encourage you to support them and therefore the venue. Whilst I can't pretend the death of Maelstrom was to do with poor sales, I'd hate to see another excellent venue go under. Anyway, Element will be offering 15% off GW stuff and of course that means the vouchers from the tournament will be effectively worth that little bit more. Their website shows the stock that will be available to buy on the day so it's worth taking a look so you can plan what you'd like to pick up on the day.

As ever there'll be vouchers for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last place alongside vouchers for Best Painted Army and Best Painted Special Character. To me though the exciting things are the spot prizes and raffle prizes.

Spot Prizes
Once again there'll be two categories for spot prizes: Booby prizes and I Miss 5th Edition prizes. The booby prizes are awarded to the first player in a round to do something particularly bad to his own army! As compensation he'll pick up one of the spot prizes which will be very loosely related to the cock up. These will be for the same mistakes as at BW5 if any of you can remember that far back!

The "I Miss 5th Edition" prizes will be awarded to players who have something happen to them that simply wouldn't have been possible in the previous version of the rules. Like the booby prizes these are for the same things as at BW5. For example, failing a charge of less than 6" across open ground which is something that of course wouldn't have happened in 5th edition.

These prizes will be up for grabs during all three rounds so keep an eye on the big screen to see how you can win them and then all you need to do is remember to claim them. There's only one per round so it's the first person to correctly claim it that will take the prize.

On offer are:
  • Psychic Power Cards
  • Plastic Eldar Farseer kit
  • Munitorum Templates
  • Skull Measuring Tape
  • Aegis Defence Line
  • Munitorum Vehicle Dice
Raffle Prizes
My favourite part of Blog Wars and something that's been around since the first event, the raffle is where the big prizes are to be won. These prizes will be on offer at the end of the day as part of the prize ceremony. Once again, there's no need to buy a ticket you're already in the draw. Everyone's player number goes into a hat and they're drawn at random. You'll have to wait until the day to find out what you can win but I'm very happy with the selection on offer. Obviously there's prizes there that will be more use to some than others but there's always eBay and bear in mind that each prize is worth more than your ticket cost to buy!! 

Finally I'd just like to say another big thanks to Element Games for sponsoring the event and allowing me to offer such excellent prize support. I defy you to find a tournament that offers more prizes for such a reasonable ticket price! In total there's over £375 worth of prizes to be had! Carlsberg don't make tournaments but......

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  1. Hi guys - just to let you know that the pub opposite the gaming centre (the big chain pub in the corner) has all you can eat breakfast for about £8 - a few of us are going there first for a breakfast of champs!


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