Friday, February 08, 2013

Blog Wars 5 Tickets Selling Fast and a Few Updates

Somewhat amazingly I'm pleased to report that 18 of the 30 places have been filled for Blog Wars 5. That means I'm already close to the minimum 20 I need to run the event in the first place with the prize structure suggested. If you don't have your place yet then use the link on the right to buy tickets. They're £15 which I think is pretty good value for a 3 game tournament including lunch and great prize support. There's a few of the regulars who haven't bought tickets so I hope they get in there soon so they don't miss out! In the mean time there's a few updates I want to run through.

Forge World Units
At previous Blog Wars I've allowed Forge World armies but not single FW units in an otherwise codex army. However, since a lot of their stuff is now "40K approved" and there are some interesting options available I'm keen to try and allow people to include them. Now, as I've said before I'm not all that au fait with FW stuff so if someone knows of a particularly broken unit that is likely to make me regret my decision then now's the time to tell me (I know things like Vultures are nasty but they aren't any harder to deal with than Vendettas even if they do inflict more pain). Otherwise feel free to include them in your army. The only request I make is that when you submit your army list you make it clear which book they're from so I can check on the legality etc.

Unknown Soldier
There's quite a few new names on the list for Blog Wars this time around. If it says "unknown/no blog" next to your name and you do have one then feel free to let me know by email or in the comments so I can update the info. Blog Wars started as a community event to get everyone reading each other's blogs and meeting face to face so I'm keen to promote other people's blogs if I can. There's no need to have a blog to come along though! 

Giantkiller Bonus
As suggested by one of the first time attendees, Aaron (check out his new blog here) I'm going to provide an incentive to beating Andy Humphris at Blog Wars 5. I don't want Andy to feel like there's a witch hunt or anything but thought it would be a bit of harmless fun to offer a ransom of sorts. Frankly, if Andy is bringing his Necrons again it's going to be a tall order!

I've not decided on what it will consititute yet but suffice to say the idea is that if someone beats Andy in a game and denies him a chunk of VPs then they'll get a little bonus!

Blog Wars goes International!
Finally, I wanted to express my down right astonishment that Blog Wars 5 will see the event's first international visitor. Hendrik is coming all the way from Germany to make the event. I even asked him if he was going to be over here anyway and he's actually planning his trip around Blog Wars 5! No pressure on me then for it to be worth the trip!!

I'm sure everyone will make him feel welcome and not be worried that his rulebook/codex are in German!! Let's hope the rules are the same eh?


  1. Glad things are hotting up pal, you deserve the recognition for all the effort you've put in over the past few years. I shall buy my ticket now!

  2. I will pay at the end of the month (payday), but I have gotten the day off work!

  3. Willkommen Hendrik! Looking forward to meeting you at BW 5. What will you be bringing?

    And Alex, I may well use my Overlord airships as counts-as Vultures if no-one minds. As Andy (Fudal) will testify, they're really no big deal!

  4. I have no problem with German (it was my uni course and I have a fairly decent grasp of the language!) failing all else I would be happy to make him my Opfer (victim)

  5. Sign me up mate, it'll give me something to aim for as I get back into the game :)

    1. Whooo!!!! He's back baby!

      Sign me up...can't kill a giant without the

    2. Put you both down. Good to have you back Andy P and glad we've got our "giant" in the form of Andy H. Too many sodding Andys at this thing!

    3. I'm 99.9% sure we will have Steven Henderson and Dimitris Kiourtsgoglou (or how-bloody-ever u spell it) and Bruno Santos moving as well...
      There may be more from us.. But definitely these guys.. Could u add them?
      I'd hate for them to miss out..

  6. Thanks for the nice welcome all. I'm really looking forward to the trip and to meet you all.
    I'm thinking about bringing my old trusted Dark Angels (been collecting them since 2nd edition). Though I may pick my Imperial Guard. I'm a little undecided at the moment.
    I have only had one game of 6th edition so far, so I will have to test some lists.


  7. Looking forward to it! I've signed up again, I think 6th will be paying later today, and will check with Siph as well- see if we can get the full weemen team out in force

    now the question is ultamarines or daemons... hmmmm


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